Insane in the membrane

I know there is a thread already with some person QQing about the long intense grind for this achievement. That is not what my post is about.

I am currently exalted with BB, ever and gadget. I am only revered with ratchet.

I am about halfway to neutral or hated, whichever way you look at it. My question is this:

Is there a mob post 5.1 that I can grind point by point to earn exalted with bloodsail WHILE being exalted with the goblins?

Also do you think that something like Battle Standard of Coordination which increase the reputation gain ?

I should be getting a buff anyway from the human racial, I think it would be pro to drop that banner and be getting like 2 rep per say per kill. It would be an epic moment like reaching max level for the kids of south park after killing 19,754,324 boars. Ideas?
No ideas?
To answer your questions:

1) There is no way to increase your Bloodsail rep without decreasing your Steamwheedle Cartel rep. However, you can do it the other way around, but you have to get exalted with Bloodsail first and then grind pirates in Tanaris/Barrens/STV/Grizzly Hills to get Steamwheedle to exalted.

The Bloodsail rep grind will tank your Steamwheedle rep to full hated first, so be prepared.

2) Yes, Battle Standard of Coordination will increase your rep gained for both Bloodsail and Steamwheedle when you kill the correct mobs, and your human racial will tack on additional rep as well.
Hey Dlm, I just wanted to let you know that Insane in the Membrane is either bugged or has been intentionally changed since the release of MoP (not clear which because there has been no official news from Blizzard) and now requires that you have all the required reputations at the same time. This means you must first do Bloodsail then keep that rep while regaining Steamwheedle rep as Tryla discussed above.

You can search the forums for other Insane in the Membrane posts and see people saying they didn't receive the achievement when not maintaining all the reps. I'm sorry for the bad news because it sounds like you started the other way around. :(

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