Disc is healing only?

So I'm in this group, as damage, in Stonecore or wherever, as a discipline specced priest. All was going well, until we got to the first boss and the healer, a druid, asked me why I was disc and dealing damage. I simply replied that disc is also a specialization that you can deal damage with. Honestly, I've even been using it when grouped as a healer, to only deal damage. As in, thanks to atonement, I don't even have to worry about who to heal, just keep casting Smite/Holy Fire or Penance and the computer does that for me. Back to the story ... As soon as I replied that disc was also a damage specced, the druid and the tank started laughing. I left it alone until we got to the second boss where I was asked to switch to Shadow spec (which I did not have). They went silent after I said that and we continued to killing the boss. As soon as the boss died, tank left , healer said good job to me and everyone else left. Now , I am not complaining , but I've been disc throughout my leveling, going as healer in dungeons only to deal as much holy damage as I can. Never had any problems keeping people alive and mostly, staying first as damage on the meters. Am I doing something wrong? Should I just follow the herd and go shadow for damage and holy for heals? Help a fellow priest out, please.
Well Disc is a healing spec, sorry to say it. You should queue as a healer as Disc, not dps. Disc's damage may be competitive at lower levels, and when you over gear other players at max level in 5 mans, but it is never a dps spec.
When you hit about 85 you're going to start falling behind very quickly.

Now, this isn't to say you can't still Smite spam as a healer, but just be prepared to start using your heals on others, especially during bosses and large pulls.

On that note, I wish they would add 4th specs to several other classes. I miss my 2hd Enhancement Shaman from Vanilla, and Disc DPS has always seemed like a realistic candidate for an overhaul.
yea smite healing is fun in pvp and little 5/10 mans. u go oom alot. its easy to burn up mana to try and heal. its absorb focused via mastery. its all about timing big aoe damage with shields and mana management

i played disc for years, still love it

shadows out of hand if u wanna dps though, holy for anything healing
I Q as dps whenever I'm too lazy to heal as disc. Higher ilevels can outdps a lot of people in 5mans. As for lower levels, disc priest has a lot of burst and most of the lower levels dungeons show burst dps a lot better than sustained or dot dps with the exclusion of a few bosses here and there, so disc can often time out "dps" a lot of people in 5 mans. Honestly I think if you want to dps as disc go ahead. The only problem is if the healer wants to heal by them self, then I would at least have the courtesy to have a holy dps or a shadow dps spec ready to go into in that case. You can play holy dps pretty much the same as disc if you want, except no penance. Holy has more powerful shadow word pains
Thanks guys ... I appreciate the advice.
Disc queued as dps is bad. It means your assigned healer is left sitting on their thumb for 95% of the run with nothing to do. They might be a class that has terrible damage output, or not have their bars set up to do it.

Better to go in as a healer to smitespam alongside 3 others and rock the joint, than go in as a subpar dpser and make the healer a fifth wheel.
I've been doing Heroics again to reach VP cap for my 6k VP for the Wrathion questline. I outDPS at least one DPS in every run I do, as healer. Does that mean Disc is a DPS spec? No, it means this game has a very low skill requirement. As is apparent by the fact that you get along just fine, not even understanding what a true DPS spec is.
Disc is sort of a healer/dps hybrid. Once I got to 90 and got some pretty decent gear, I got rid of shadow since I'm primarily a healer and want both healing specs. I do fine with dailies (the mine quests for shield wall were a piece of cake from the first time onward) and I routinely generate 20k-30k dps as a healer in random heroics.

I also have an 86 priest that, for the heck of it, I switched to holy/disc (from holy/shadow) and do fine at that level while questing. It's also nice to quest while queuing for randoms (as a healer, naturally) and not having to worry about switching specs when the queue pops. You'll never top the DPS meters as Disc (at least I won't) but as a healer, it's a great spec to have.
I've had better luck queing as a holy dpser rather than Disc. People don't seem to complain nearly as much and I seem to keep up meter wise with other dpsers.
Yes, while leveling you will do more DPS as Discipline than Shadow. It's not supposed to be, but it is.

Why people complain about it? Because the other healer that is not used to do anything other than heal will simply have nothing to do as the group will be always topped off.

You better queue as a Healer only for dungeons, but keep the good work, it's amazing to have this feel, to be a top dps while queued as a healer while mages, locks, hunters and rogues fail to do their only job.
In lower level dungeons, disc DPS is great, awesome.

At higher levels, things start to change. Other classes will do MUCH better, while atonement DPS barely does. It would be easier to que as a healer & heal through atonement.
Funny, I can go into dungeons and out DPS people at 90... (pulling 50k). Or go into LFR and be 10th on the DPS meters and 1st on the healing ones.

As long as you gear properly, Disc can DPS well.
Funny, I can go into dungeons and out DPS people at 90... (pulling 50k). Or go into LFR and be 10th on the DPS meters and 1st on the healing ones.

As long as you gear properly, Disc can DPS well.

Being king of the Looking For Retards doesn't make you into a DPS. Ditto for 5 mans. It just means you had crappy dps.

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