Of Slaughter and Shadow: Part 2

This one is a little bit heavier on dialogue, as I'm trying to flesh out the story a bit in this one, and develop some characters, however short stories only leave so much room, so they won't get developed quite to the point I like. This one is also a bit shorter, as I've pretty much outlined parts 3 and 4 entirely.

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I made my way through the streets of Orgrimmar, trying my best to avoid anyone's view. I clutched my pack in my arms, weary of any magic weilders noticing it. Considering the events of the past few days, that would end up very badly. Worst case scenario, it could be set off again, in the very center of the Horde's capital city. I was headed for the zeppelin to the Undercity, to talk to Severant Banechaser, a friend in life, and an asset in death. He would know what best to do with the orb.

I reached the Undercity without incident, though a an Orc Warlock kept giving me strange looks the entire ride there, making comments to his pet in his demonic language. I thought my cover was blown, but he looked more bewildered than curious, and my scowling kept him from getting curious. I approached Banechaser, and without comment, undid my bag. He stared intently at me, confused my by sudden appearance and abrupt actions. I I pulled out the relic, and he immediately gasped, slack jawed with what was before him.

"How did you come across this?" He said suddenly, his gaze still fixed on the orb. "I found it, in the Plaguelands, it was in the middle of a circle of light, with slain holymen strewn about it. If it was important enough for them to die defending, it was important enough for me to take." I replied. "Well, what you have here is the essence of a miracle, an unholy miracle, but a miracle nonetheless. This can grant you almost anything you desire..." his voice trailed off, then he regained his consciousness and we talked about the orb. After a good hour or so of talking, he finally explained what I needed to do. "This miracle is tainted and incomplete, to render it usable, you must first remove the taint, and then give it a blood sacrifice, to show faith and introduce a part of a soul into the miracle. To remove the taint, you will need a Priestess of Elune with immense power, and a sacrifice of blood willingly given by a paladin or a holy priest." Simple enough, I thought. While I wasn't in the highest regard with the Alliance, I had a few allies of my own within their ranks, and as for the blood sacrifice, I would ask any clergy along my travels. Only one issue still remained "I do not have many desires, clergy, what exactly can I hope to gain from this quest that I cannot receive through gold or thieving? There isn't much of a reason for me to waste my time on this magical orb." "Well," he began "If there's one thing any of us Foresaken truly desire, it's to return to life. This unholy relic, it can return you to what you once were, before undeath. You can become living again."

After a shocked silence, he returned the relic, and sent me on my way with weary salute. I returned it then made my way out of the sewers. I was in utter disbelief, and couldn't imagine what it would be like to be returned to life. A grand new beginning! I could be accepted back within the ranks of humans, and they would be none the wiser to what I was now.

If I could cleanse this orb, I would be one step closer to achieving life once more. I just needed to find a priestess of Elune, and for that, I needed to head into Alliance territory. I had a contact in the Alliance. Not so much a contact, but a good friend from long ago. I'd met Diana when I was still living, I was a skilled assassin, and she had just started on her journey into death dealing. I met her trying to kill one of my targets, and let her have the target, she was talented, but hardly trained. Then the scourge took me, but that is a story for another time.

I set up a meeting with her in Stranglethorn, as she usually settled there when she want taking assignments in Westfall. We met in the usual spot, right outside of booty bay. "Long time no see, I can see you haven't aged very well" she smiled referring to my dead flesh. "why did you finally decide to swing by and say hello?" "I need a favor, I need you to get me a meeting with a priestess of Elune." "Really now? I never took you for a man of faith" she smirked again. I pulled the glowing orb out of my pack and her smirk quickly faded. "What is that? It looks evil..." She backed off slightly, staring intently at it. Id gotten used to just pulling the thing out mid conversation, it definitely pulled everything in my favor. "I need to get this analyzed, if a priestess can cleanse it, I can be human again."

We discussed the method of which I would be smuggled into alliance territory, who we would see, and what I would do from there. "You sure you want to be human again?" She suddenly asked. "I'm not sure, but its worth a try, if there's a chance, I want to leave my options open. If anything, I could ju-" We heard a rustling and immediately free our weapons. I looked around, not seeing anything. Diana gestured at a tiger in the bushes, who seemed to studying us. Harmless enough, but I still sensed something in the immediate vicinity. Diana sheathed her swords on her back, and laughed, "Its just a tiger, its kinda cute if you ask me, nothing to be wo-" A searing bolt of demon energy engulfed her as she uttered these words. I tackled her out of the fire and quickly made sure she wasn't dead, before getting up and bringing my cloak to bear, just as another bolt screamed straight at me. The fire burst around me and I caught a glimpse of a robed figure, casting something under his breath. Without hesitation I threw the cloak over Diana and grabbed my throwing knife, chucking it in one smooth motion before running at the assailant. The knife caught his demon pet in the head, making it instantly vanish into a swirling blue mist, just as I was upon the Warlock. I had no time to think as another fire bolt flew over my head and I went prone. The caster sneered at me and let out a terrifying scream. My mind went blank and I could feel myself running, but I quickly overcame it and turned around as yet another blast of fire hit me directly in chest. Without my cloak the fire burned through my leather armor, searing my flesh and causing immense pain. The Warlock walked over to me, still sneering, and spoke. "You have no idea the powers of which you have acquired. The burning legion will not lose this artifact to a mere mortal such as you, especially not one tainted by the Lich King." Dark energy began swirling around his body as he chanted, and I knew I was done. I closed my eyes as he finished his incantation, and then, nothing. I opened them just in time to see his head severed from his body, a clean cut around the neck. Diana stood behind his body, scowling with pain as she struggled to keep her still smoldering body standing. "That's two you owe me" she smiled and collapsed, as my conscious slipped away.

I woke up to the smell of herbs and brewing tea, Diana lay on the ground to my right, breathing very lightly. My torso had been bandaged and have off a faint blue/green glow associated with healing magic. I looked to my left and saw a troll hunched over a kettle with the brewing tea. "You got ta be more careful mon" he said without turning "Warlocks are not da ones to be messin wit." The shaman turned and and held a totem up to me, the blue glow letting off a comforting feeling. "I've healed ya both, but you best be takin dat abomination out of my land before it kills my land, ya hear?" He waved his hand at the direction of the pack. "Why did you save us?" Shamans weren't well known for their love of undead. "I am a healer, just because you be undead doesn't mean I won't heal da both of ya's. Da both of ya be rogues, that I can tell, and what ya carry with ya has great power, power which must leave my land, and I ain't touching dat, Mon." "When da human is awake, da both of ya best leave, until then, you can both stay." I thanked him and offered gold, but he declined, saying it is the healers way. I didn't understand such selfless acts, but I did not hold it against him, the devout have without receiving, and in this case it turned out for the best. "Dey be looking for ya, I've seen da type before, Twilight Cultists, won't quit till ya dead mon. Take dis flask, it can damn near resurrect da dead, and from what I can tell, you're damn close mon"

Diana woke with a start and and patted herself down, searching for injury. I had opted to leave in the night and had carried her a few miles back to booty bay. I circumvented the area where we got ambushed, and set up camp a short walk from the port. "Are we safe?" "For now," I replied. "however, they'll be back, and there will probably be more of them. I can't ask you to continue this with me, you've done enough so far, you saved my life, and gave me a perfect map to make my way on my own." "That wouldn't be fair though, now would it? You still owe me, twice now from what I can remember" she again smiled, always smiling. I agreed, and I extinguished the fire I had made to let her get some sleep. I kept watch throughout the night, daggers at the ready. Nothing came for us that night.

In the morning we chartered a ship to take us to Ratchet, where we would make our way up to Ashenvale. The goblins, however, were being far less than helpful. "100 gold each, rogue, take it or leave it." "That's ridiculous! I've only had to pay 50 gold every time I take a ship to ratchet!" Diana Screamed. "Look, we lost a ship to pirates, prices are high right now. 100 gold each or you're not getting on this ship. And we don't want to have a problem now do we?" The goblin cocked his head towards the ogre standing next to him, and the ogre glowered at us. "We aren't paying that! I refuse to pay any higher then 50!" She yelled again. The ogre began reaching for his club. I had been thoroughly amused by the conversation and was willing to cover it, but now I became alert. "Its fine we'll pay the cost." I said. "No screw that! I am NOT paying 100 gold." She then spit on the goblin. The ogre grabbed his club but I reacted faster, giving him a swift kick in the groin and smacking the club out of his hand with my dagger. The goblin yelled for help and grabbed his gun, but Diana already had her sword out and cleanly severed his arm. "Dammit there goes my frequent sailor miles"she said as she kicked the bleeding screaming goblin into the water. "Now what?" "Now," I whispered, "we catch our boat." I knocked the still writhing ogre out, then grabbed her arm and pulled her in the direction of the ship, which was getting ready to set sail. Somehow our little fiasco hadn't been noticed by the ships crew, and they didn't see us running towards them. Behind us however were about 3 goblins giving chase, telling for the ship to stop. "Hold this" I handed Diana a length of rope. I fastened a 3 pronged hook to the other end and began swinging it. They had just removed the ropes and were setting sail, I tossed the hook at the ship and saw it sliding across. I cursed my aim but saw the rope getting pulled, it had gotten stuck on the rudder. "Jump!" I yelled and we both dove into the water, still hanging on to the rope. Behind us was what seemed to be half of the harbor screaming for the ship to come back, but somehow they didn't hear.

We had gotten lucky once again. We snuck up onto the ship, no one noticing two people climbing up over the side. We went below decks and found a vacant room for the journey, and set our gear down, now stowaways. "Well, I guess you owe me one less now, huh?" She shook her head and say down on a bunk. "Ya, but we still have a long way to go. You'll probably owe me by the time this trip is over." I put my pack on the bunk and stared at it. "I'm going to go dry out my clothes, it'll be at least a day until we get there, and I don't want to get sick" she stared at me waiting for a reply, and when she didn't get one sighed and left.

I sat there, contemplating the days events. We were being hunted, that was verified. I had acquired something of vast power, strong enough to get the attention of the Twilight Cult, maybe even the Burning Legion itself. We were on our way into deep alliance territory, where they hated the Horde and would also hunt me. I smiled. They had no idea who they were dealing with.

But then again, neither did I.
Very nice job man! i'm enjoying a lot!
So much fun to read!
This is fantastic! Looking forward to the next installment.
Awesome as always, damn so much conversation, can't wait to some terrific action "scenes" again
I'm writing a story of how Diana and our rogue met, and will probably post it along with the next installment as well. Expect epic action in Part 3!
02/07/2013 10:49 AMPosted by Karmasangel
I'm writing a story of how Diana and our rogue met, and will probably post it along with the next installment as well. Expect epic action in Part 3!

Please, post it soon!!

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