Survivability Question [PvP]

Hey all, Im newish to mage, I play frost, trying to dabble in fire. I was just wondering what tricks people use to get away from melee classes and what not, as I find my survivability low compared to my spriest (yeah I know... heals/dispersion/fade/PoM/renew makes it easier). Any tips, macros, or advice is appreciated. Also, Im thinking of running arena team of rshammy,warrior,mage. Is this a decent team? Thanks all
make macros for instant ring of frost and instant polymorph (u do it with presence of mind), i also recommend making some simple macros for poly and silence adding the line /stopcasting. make a macro for burst (using icy veins and ur trinket, u can also add mirror images to the macro)

to survive u need to sheep someone (and dont attack him), usually sheep twice since they probably will trinket first sheep, then blow ur cds and burst on another target.

u can use ur alter time for multiple purposes:
-when u have all ur procs up + burst, use it for double bursting.
-if you play with a spriest and he is dying, use alter time-he uses void !@#$- alter time again (both full hp now).
-you can use it to fool ur enemy and have some time to evocate when you are dying, for instance: alter time- jump over a bridge, wait for ur enemy to jump - alter time again

this is a very poor 'guide', u can search a lot more watching some good mages online (recommend cartoonz and ziqo).
Wow ya thanks that will help a lot. I already subbed to cartoon YouTube it's really interesting. I'll have to take alter time out of my burst to try it with defensive stuff. Thank you
Roots/Snares/Stuns/Poly's, and silence so they cant break them. CAn't believe ur asking this as a mage... your whole class design is based around cc
I can read tool tips jerk. I'm asking for tricky ways to use these to be more effective. Oh and like I said I'm new to mage. So I don't know tricks. Leave it to forums to bring out the rudeness in people when I'm asking for help.

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