[A] Shy - Casual LATE NIGHT - 1 Heals, 2 DPS

Hi All,

Shy is a re-roll guild of a bunch of IRL friends to Tichondrius. We all have previous raid experience, some more than others, but now looking at casual raiding for fun.

We have only had 1 raid together so far, and in 2 hours took down the first two bosses of MSV. Way behind I know, but it was most peoples first time in there. Now need to finish out the group !

We are in need of 1 Healer and 1 Caster DPS. For the healer I would prefer a Shaman or Paladin, with a DPS off spec. For one DPS, a mage/warlock would be preferred, and the other a Rogue/Ret/DK would be preferred. Granted, this is by no way set in stone, and anyone who talks to me is welcome :)

This week is a bit off, but normal raid schedule is Tue-Wed-Thur from 8-11pm server time. This will change in the summer to a bit later as well. Feel free to talk to any members of the guild for information.

My battle tag is Telaso#1128

I look forward to your responses or chat in game!

Happy WoW'ing :)
Late night raiders!
Hi, if the offer still stands, my resto shaman would love to join your guild and raid team. The hours work great for my schedule at the moment. I dont have alot of experience with the MOP raids other than LFR but for my previous exploits here is my pallys armory link http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/tichondrius/P%C3%ABrcival/simple pst either one of us in game.
Hey Junhs, I had a busy weekend, and am just now seeing this. I will be in contact soon :)
Bump for 2 when the patch comes out!

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