Stop complaining about OP nerfs, please

I'll start it off by saying this is the WARRIOR forum, not the MAGE forum. Whiners are not welcome here.

People here are people with a will of iron who play their class because they love it, even if it's difficult. If you're going to complain because the class isn't easy enough for you to play, just leave and reroll.

OP cost is not a catastrophe. With MS OP OP Slam you can easily keep hitting without rage starving. There is no problem here. During those 4 GCD's you'll probably hit two autoattacks, and let's not forget that you put an MS in there to begin with. You'll have PLENTY of rage to keep your rotation up, and a bit more.

About hammy, if hammy's rage cost didn't matter then why would it be there in the first place? Rage management should be a challenge, it's your resource, after all. If you had an infinite amount of rage then there wouldn't be any problem. But besides, as MS OP OP Slam works, Ham shouldn't be a problem, as it consumes a GCD but costs less than either OP or Slam. Also, with Glyph of Blitz, and Warbringer applying snares, you REALLY shouldn't have a problem.

You won't starve, hush about it. You're probably only going to starve if you overuse slam or use HS when you're not near rage cap.

For those who wish to keep complaining, there's the door.

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