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Hello All,

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. We at NC XVII (17) are looking to fill two raid spots that has currently opened on our 10 man raid team. NC is a small guild of mature players, who are looking to have fun, down some boss, get some loot and progression. We may seem like a casual guild if you hear us babble on in mumble but when it comes down to it, we are very focused on progression. We are not just all about the game but more so the people, we are very focused on making sure that each and every guild member is having fun, with the least amount of drama possible.

As a raid team we are currently 6/6 in MSV, and currently running HoF 2/6, with our current focus on Garalon, we want to get as many bosses down as possible before patch 5.2, and want a stable solid raid team before that patch comes out.

Our current raid schedule is Friday 8:30pm - 11:30pm. and Saturday 8:00pm to 11:00pm, but are also toying with a possible third raid day.

Here is what we are looking for in no real order of importance.
1 Healer: Disc Priest, Mistweaver Monk.

If you are interest in checking us out, please check our website, http://nc17.enjin.com/home and apply, or find me in game on this character.

Thank you for your time and attention
Raid Lead.
Still looking for some fun like minded raiders to kill bosses with!!!
If you're looking for a team with some great people to enjoy raiding with on Fri/Sat nights, have some fun, and kill some bosses this is good group. Went 6/6 HM DS but still need to find the right 2 players for these spots. Most of the group is middle aged with 2 husband/wives teams as well and the core has been together for several years. No yelling, tripping or freaking out here either. Just a good atmosphere to try to do the best we can.
Still looking for 2 team members to try out. Raid times are EST.
I am a ilvl 488 resto shammy <only but will learn elemental if i have too, i don't usually dps with this toon> and have a friend that is a ilvl 488 ret pally. We can do weekend raids and are very reliable that gives advanced notice of no show times <that are rare> looking for a dedicated raiding team. We just transferred to the realm.
Hey Rendayne,

I am sorry we are currently full on Ret and Shamans, but thank you for posting a showing an interest.

We are currently still looking for a Healer, preferably a DISC Priest, which is our only raid spot left.
Just a heads up we are also considering looking for a Monk Healer, we would like to jump right into 5.2 when it drops, so at this time we are looking to do what we can to gear up and be ready for it.

Please see the first post if your interested!

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