Need some tips on BM hunters.

Shuriken toss seems to been my main source of damage against them... Any tips? Using prep instead of shadowstep.
take shadowstep instead of prep.

vanish when he uses stampede.

don't forget to disarm.

blind pet if you need to.

set up a full kidney shot Sdance.
All of those are great tips but atm im using prep instead because I find it way more useful in arenas. vanish always has the chance of just not working and the pets still chase after you. and atm im running combat so i cant do much with the sdance thing
02/06/2013 11:50 PMPosted by Objection
All of those are great tips but atm im using prep instead because I find it way more useful in arenas.

you can switch between the shadow step for duels and prep for arena.
unless you're asking for advice in arena against BM Hunters, i figured you were talking more about a 1v1/duel though.

my vanish works the great majority of the time for me, i can only think of one or two instances where the pet had followed me through vanish. if you can't vanish the stampede then you have to blow CR/feint/ try to FOK and sprint away. however, i feel vanish is a much better option because you save your defensive CD's and mitigate all the damage. ( even through our defensive CD's stampede + hunter will do a lot of damage).

as combat you still want to set up kidney shot, which will be even longer due to relentless strikes. instead of sdance you just use AR+SB.

spree is pretty unreliable against hunters, but it will still help long as it doesn't destroy your positioning.
Hate to be a downer, but I don't think rogues can beat hunters in a 1v1 situation.
Vanish does bug out on pets quite a bit it seems. I've found that entering stealth and dropping the Vanish buff sometimes works. Shadowmeld is far more effective at dropping pet aggro, but that doesn't really help you.
Good hunters give me the most trouble out of any class in the game. They have so many ways to get range on their opponents that you might find running with Shadowstep to be more useful so you'll have a reliable gap closer.

If you're going for a kill and not just trying to force CD/trinkets, your best bet is going to be communicating with your team to set up chain CC and openers; trying to kill a skilled hunter all by yourself is a lesson in frustration, and sometimes futility.

I'm not sure what your comp is, but calling out things like "my kidney" will let your mage know to hold off on deep/frost nova until it's done. Don't bother going for a kill until you've forced some of their major cooldowns. Usually this is done by CCing the healer and putting pressure on them, forcing them to use a trinket and/or deterrence, master's call, readiness, etc. Once he's out of defensive CDs, setup CC on the healer again and go for the kill--communicate what you're doing to do so that your team can stun/slow without overlapping/clipping each other's abilities.
Rogues can beat hunters 1v1. Vanish is great against stampede. I'm a fan of shadowstep, but I've been using burst of speed for PvP and like it a lot. It does burn off energy, but get enough haste and have your spec's energy regen ticking to offset.
You need step vs a hunter no doubt about it and if you don't have shuriuken toss say peace basically what u wanna do is gouge he's pet off cd while losing throwing st spam with recoup and slice and dice step kidney put some pressure if he trinkets blind go get a restealth play like a dirtbag cause that's the only way your gonna win
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Vanish does bug out on pets quite a bit it seems

^ I hate trying to fight Bm hunters.. I can't vanish or nothing on them. xD Then readiness Is the most OP thing. I've seen a BM full malev and everything one shot me.
I think its near to impossible to beat a semi skilled bm hunter in a 1v1...
I can do it as assassin tho because of the stupid damage and no positional requirement.
(its !@#$ing hard as sub due to having to be behind him which is tough because they'll bm out of everything...)

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