[H] <NerfedUp> 10M is recruiting a Healer!

NerfedUp (lvl 25) 10m Raiding Guild 1/13 HToT

We at NerfedUp consider ourselves a casual, friendly guild with a semi-hardcore mentality when it comes to raiding.

With only raiding 2 nights a week, make no mistake; We come to raid and raid hard when we're in there. Drama is non-existent and favoritism is not shown whatsoever.

Currently, our needs are for a exceptional PLATE tank (DK, Warrior, Paladin) for our core team as well as standbys and substitutes that want to be a part of our raid team and clear farm content in ToT and by being ready to come in when needed.

As a part of our raid team, you will be asked to know the ins and outs of all current farm bosses and the same for any progression bosses currently being worked on in the raid.

You will get the chance to prove your worth and sub in for farm bosses and clear content while obtaining loot suitable to your spec that you play.

While saying that, you will NOT be required to play any spec you are uncomfortable with or don't like. We want our raiders to have fun and play the spec that they enjoy and are comfortable with.

Here are our current needs: either a
Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Resto Druid

Raid Times:

Friday 5:30p-9:30p Server Time
Sunday 5:30p-9:30p Server Time

Standbys and Substitutes are not required to be able to make both days but it helps if you can.

Casuals and Alts are WELCOME also.

If you would like to be a part of our guild and raid team, please visit www.nerfedup.guildlaunch.com to fill out a short application. You can also speak with Kazym, Cakelure, or Turunash in game but you will still be required to fill out an application.
I can off tank. just came back 3 weeks ago. But I have end game raid experience from WOTLK (was in a top 10 guild through ulduar until I quit).
we'll have to get your gear up
Does one have to be part of your guild to join your raid team?
486ilevel demo.
We just filled our Warlock sorry.
All good
Still Looking
Recruiting for ToT!
Tank needed for 5/10/13 and beyond :)
Need 1 healer!
Looking again. If we can't rely on you don't waste your time.

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