Can't stand questing?

I hate questing, which is prob why I love healing in dungeons so much, do you guys dislike quests? And why do people like them? I guess I like the lore on them. That it.
The lore is practically hitting the nail on the head.

That and I like being able to see the world of Azeroth in its entirety. I try to do new quest chains every time I level an alt. What stinks is that, eventually, I will run out of quest chains.
quests and the loremaster achv is why i started playing.
they do get repetitive, but to have so much to do spread out over all that diverse landscape is what does it for me.

and it does stink when you run out :(
When I'm questing, I generally don't have to deal with four other random people, and I can see the content as slowly as I darn-well please. Some of them can be fun too (e.g. Zen'Kiki, baby murlocs, Socks).
I rocketed this pally up through quests for the past week or two and while there are some zones that aren't quite so compelling, I can speak for the remade 1-60 world in that the quests and their storyline got really fun.

Eastern Plaguelands is a great example. It gives quests that are all strung casually along the progression of an increasing bunch of characters in a caravan, and comes to a head when the life of one of them is put in danger.

Quests are host to tons of fun little gimmicks now. Smacking rams off of a mountain, experiencing a retold story through the narrator's body while punching Dang-Blasted Rock Elementals and Deathwing in the face, assembling and leading like-minded Dark Irons (by making a congo line with the help of a die-hard pacifist ogre) into the Slag Pits to rout out Ragnaros' Dark Irons, putting a dead & dismembered demon hunter back together, assembling a crude artifact from scratch to wake up a deranged druid and kill him, or leading a squad of goofy orcs on a dragon-killing spree.

If you never stop to pay attention to what's going on in quests, no !@#$ you're gonna get a little bored. Doing stuff without knowing why you're doing it isn't fun in game or in real life. :1
i think people who don't quest are lazy and should not be aloud to lv or do pvp . questing is watt the game is about

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