What is the best monk race

Im trying to figure out what the best race for a monk is cause i dont wanna change then dont like that race and what looks the best in xmog gear.
that is so subjective. I like the Pandas and the humans.
Pandas, pretty self-explanatory
Pandas are good for the extra CC

I like Belfs because fighting a caster as a monk can be annoying, so having that extra silence after spear hand strike ends is wonderful.
Gnomes or trolls.
Chinese, or maybe Japanese. Miko's are just nummy.
Draenei. Hooves FTW
02/07/2013 05:32 PMPosted by Lena
Hooves FTW

^ This.
Trolls, mon!
Well the highly logical fact is that it is gnomes.
After 5.2 Undead will be like Humans and will be able to use two dps trinkets.
02/07/2013 08:43 PMPosted by Bones
After 5.2 Undead will be like Humans and will be able to use two dps trinkets.

really? where is this posted at? not being mean, i really wanna know. i love me some undead.
For pvp, Orcs for horde due to stun resist/meta, and Human's for alliance for the extra pvp power.
To bring the s*xy back:

Blood Elf

Night Elf

Speaking in terms of PvP of course since PvE is totally irrelevant in this game.
02/08/2013 12:51 PMPosted by Artanys
Draenei. Hooves FTW

This. ^^^^

I also set up a neat little macro that fires off Gift of the Naaru, Fortifying Brew, and Diffuse Magic at the same time.

FANTASTIC defensive suite, and has saved my tail more times than I can count.

I can see using GotN and Fort. Brew but diffuse magic is too good to use in that macro.
nNbble brew and will of the forsaken can be macroed together to work as a true trinket.
Dwarf of course.
go orc of Go HOME


Now dont that look BOotylicious o.O

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