Some 5.1 shadow priest bugs

Bug Report
I believe that the idea behind Shadow Priest mana is that keeping good Vampiric Touch dot uptime should mean that you will be able to manage your mana. However, in arena when you go against a Discipline Priest or anything else with alot of shields, you go out of mana because Vamp Touch isn't "dealing damage." I don't want to think that it's intended for us to play well and be unable to have enough mana to play on a technicality. It should be a bug that VT doesn't restore mana when absorbed.

Unstable Affliciton dispel protection silence has never diminished with itself. In early Cataclysm, sin and punishment dispel protection horrify diminished with itself, and with Psychic Horror. Blizz fixed that half way through Cataclysm. MoP is out, and once again sin and punishment (now our 4 piece set bonus) diminishes with itself, and with Psychic Horror. I don't want to think that is intended since they already fixed sin and punishment once in Cataclysm to make it consistent with Unstable Affliction dispel protection.
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Fix. While you're at it, fix raid marks in arena too... Worked in Cata, now it doesn't anymore for whatever senseless reason.
Make a macro to mark party 1 2 etc as "x" raid mark, either let person with macro go into arena first or give everyone the macro.

I like VT style on mana control but with the amount of Discs next season this is going to being annoying.

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