[A] Phalanx of Nod is recruiting

Who we are:

Phalanx of Nod is one of the original guilds created on the Dalaran server and was established on December 5th, 2004. We had our origins in the original closed beta of Vanilla WoW and can boast that we do still have members left from Vanilla and that are still actively raiding. Flash forward to 4 months after the release of Mists of Pandaria and we’re actively looking for some new guildmates to come and enjoy all of what PoN and WoW can offer.

As we are an adult oriented guild, we will not accept any applicants under the age of 18. We are looking for raiders who enjoy raiding – but also know how to have a great time while doing it. This does require that our applicants aren’t overly shy or timid. We like to have a good time while raiding! Joking, marginalization, having an offbeat sense of humor and a thick skin are pluses to being able to keep up with the banter in the PoN mumble server. We are a focused but casual raiding group, so if you’re looking for a heroic progression guild, PoN may not be a good choice for you. We enjoy being social with each other, and we believe that WoW is a game that should be enjoyed with family and friends and not treated as a second job.

Who we are recruiting:

We are looking for people who want to be in a casual, yet focused 10/25 man raiding guild (we do raid both 10s and 25s based on attendance, sometimes running multiple groups in parallel).

As we do value the social aspect that WoW offers, we also accept members into the guild who just want to part of the community.

Raid Nights and Times: Monday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8 PM ET to 11 PM ET, we ask raiders commit to at least 2 nights, when space is available we do let non-raid ranked members also come along.

Finding out more about Phalanx of Nod:


Recruitment Forum: http://phalanxofnod.com/forum/index.php?board=22.0

Current Class Openings: http://phalanxofnod.com/forum/index.php?topic=509.0

In Game Contacts: Ceraphus, Jim, Xeni, Mukluk, Séngir, Failsafe. Or feel free to contact any member of the guild and we’ll get you pointed to the right person.

Guild Member Twitter Contacts: @PhalanxOfNod @Ceraphus @Somnar_SWC @Quoriwow @mukluk_rocks @Itsxia @Gravel_Itsu @jww138

- Edited to update Guild Member Twitter contacts
Still looking for some more DPS and Heals with a viable DPS Offspec!
We're still looking for DPS, Healers with a DPS offspec and possibly even a tank with a viable offspec.

If you're worried about gear or not being current on progression to T15 PoN has made the decision recently to stick with T14 and clear past the Sha in Terrace before moving on.
With the past week, we've moved on from HoF with a Empress kill, Terrace with a Sha kill and then ventured into the Throne of Thunder and broke Jin'rokh as well.

We're still looking for some more folks to come join in the fun and find a guild that you can truly call a home,

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