Selling challenge modes gold / silver

Aerie Peak
Selling Bronze/Silver/Gold challenge modes to ALL classes

[Challenge Conqueror: Silver]


[Challenge Conqueror: Bronze] rewards the title The Undaunted.
Ancestral Phoenix Egg : Currency for one of the 4 Phoenix Mounts sold by Kai Featherfall.
Reins of the Crimson Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Ashen Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Emerald Pandaren Phoenix
Reins of the Violet Pandaren Phoenix
[Challenge Conqueror: Gold]

Rewards all of the above, teleports to dungeons in Pandaria, and an unique transmog set for your class:

Warrior: Golden Chest of the Golden King
Shaman: Golden Chest of Windfury
Rogue: Golden Chest of the Silent Assassin
Paladin: Golden Chest of the Holy Warrior
Hunter: Golden Chest of the Howling Beast
Death Knight: Golden Chest of the Lich Lord
Warlock: Golden Chest of the Betrayer
Mage: Golden Chest of the Elemental Triad
Priest: Golden Chest of the Light
Monk: Golden Chest of the Regal Lord
Druid: Golden Chest of the Cycle

Prices range from
100k gold for SILVER
400k gold for GOLD

If you find an offer that's cheaper than us, we will match that price.*

Preferred to have 463 ilvl item at least, in every slot.

If you are interested reply to this thread and or send me ingame mail.
Selling Stormstout gold carry to someone doesn't sound very fun at all.
They should make more challenge modes in 5.3
Do you have a single price per challenge mode dungeon as well?

Pretty much farmed all but three with silvers already ... Shadowpan Monestary i can probably get. Was having issues on that one with the debuff the Sha places on the tank.

And yeah, i agree with you on the challenge modes for 5.3.
buy transmog gear
We will sell individual gold runs and silver runs.
how much are individuals?
prices differ PST me in game
still selling these add me in game hugsofdeath#1460... thanks

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