Canceled Forever

Alright people are too bad at their alts or we don't have enough alt healers to make this work for us. Sorry guys!
I can probably come if needed.

Edit.. Saved to MSV 6/7H, saved to HoF up to Wind Lord. Forgot I raided with TQP on Tuesday >.>
You also raid with OWP on weekends lol.
I'd be interested in future runs, can fulfill all 3 roles.
We downed stuff. I guess that's good.
Hit me up if you guys need someone for tomorrow, either dps or tank. Tank set is around 498. I still have all of MSV and TOES open.
Raided with some of the <Daybreak> guys on Friday night. Pretty cool dudes. Ran a nice raid.
We have an excess of tanks (I couldn't bring mine even if Sympathy didn't get it saved) but we always can use some more geared DPS.

BTW, we did have someone get into the raid and wipe us twice on Feng by not knowing mechanics. We're going to be more thorough next time. If you're not 16/16N, you shouldn't be coming. This is an alt run - not a teach you how to do the instance and play your class kind of run. We do not enjoy wiping on normals when we're wiping on the hard mode versions or farming hard mode versions on our mains.

Thanks everyone who attended and I'll see you guys for Heart of Fear this evening!
WTB more heals! Don't make the kitteh's heal!
This is how I felt about tonight's HoF pug.
Currently leveling my druid, gearing up is easy. Would love to heal after i hit 90 or whatever is needed.

Main was in Nevermore for years, so am a Turalyon local so to speak

PS. Who wants to toss my druid a ginvite for perks to level faster? ;)
You can join Explicit if you'd like. That would also be awesome to have a healer available. Unless Massacre starts coming again, we're going to be short people. Thanks again to the pugs who tried to help last night as well as the few Neolutum guys who were able to show.

Back to MSV next Friday!
This coming friday we're planning on a full clear of MSV, make sure you guys bring flasks and potions. As we get more geared on our alts, it will become easier (kinda like reprogressing from blues to epics all over again hehe). If we clear it quickly enough and have time we will go start on ToES or HoF. ^_~

Invites will be going out around 10pm EST, maybe 1015 if I get stuck afking. Hope to see more players from Massacre, Neolutum & Daybreak this weekend! <3
90/F/Orgrimmar DTR bby.

My hot 'n steamy heals will keep you up all fight long.
90/F/Orgrimmar DTR bby.

My hot 'n steamy heals will keep you up all fight long.

Too hot. I can't handle myself.
Bump! Tomorrow guys!!
Need a Mage tomorrow night?
02/07/2013 09:25 PMPosted by Mortigi
Need a Mage tomorrow night?

I'll start invites around 10/1015. Since the run is not a required run for any of the participating guilds I don't have a clue who will or won't be online but please make sure if you're someone experienced with HMS and Normals in 10s that you look up 25 mans since the strats while basically the same are slightly different.

I will go ahead and mention when we do normal feng, we do epicenter like you do on heroic (everyone stacks behind boss and we shield). I can't think of anything else.

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