Canceled Forever

Hey can I come?!

Anyways we'll be raiding Fridays & Saturdays 10:30-1AM EST. You must have a main that has 16/16N experience. More would be better but I am not gonna ask for that. 460+ ilvl minimum to attend MSV. 470+ ilvl minimum to attend HoF. 480+ ilvl minimum to attend ToES.

Could always try GDKP to entice mains who may have been out a raid week, or more skilled alts that people want to gear up. With all of the gold from dailies flying around, people should have some money to burn now.

Or roll a 10 man or two, since you have the tanks. Saves on a couple healers on half the fights, and someone with a decent heal OS would serve for the rest.
I wouldn't mind doing HM 10s or something with some alts or main but if you didn't notice, even between all 3 guilds we didn't have the healers to support even a 10m. The only reason the week before worked was because massacre's 10m came with us and brought healers. Basically, everyone just ended up mad about everything.

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