Herald of the Titans - LF5M

We're putting together a group to get Herald of the Titans, and are in need of 5 more.

We need 2 tanks, and 3 dps (could go 2 dps/1 heal and 4 dps the fight) to fill the group.

Requirements are:

Level 80 only
No armor better than 226 ilvl
No weapon better than 232 ilvl

We are shooting for doing this on a Saturday night either at the middle/end of February or early March depending on getting the group filled.

send in-game mail if interested.
I'm a tank and I also have a mage that wants to go as well.
not sure how to type your name in game with the double .. above the I. However I have a lvl 80 lock, and currently leveling a 77 druid (prefering guardian spec(tank), and 69 hunter - pretty sure our gear would meet your requirements np. However hubby and I are freshly back and it has been a few years since we raided - so we are green. Hubby has a 77 mage or an 80 pally he could play.

you can usually find me on Dewdrop my druid or Nytehowl the hunter as we level to 80. Evenings after 8pm work best for us (pst).
You can mail me or Tidalfury too if you can't figure out how to type his 'ï'...or really just about anyone in <Euphemism> and we can forward it to him...or me or Tidal....or whatever.

Tanks are going to be the big thing...so that would be quite helpful.

One thing to remember is that 226 boots and belts can be crafted. Not by me or anyone I know personally...but yeah.

Gearing up properly will still be somewhat important, but you can use cata flasks and enchants.

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