19 twinks

are they dead? or do people still do them?
Long dead.
still active
hope so guildies n I are making some
Long dead? Lmfaoooo

The bracket has NEVER died, its shocking to still see people so clueless.
We aren't exactly the most popular bracket, but we're by far the most consistent, second only to F2Ps.
02/01/2013 09:56 PMPosted by Facelol
Long dead.

They appear to be. I've been in the queue for over 30 minutes now and still nothing. I remember in Cata it was near instant queues.
Tonight is exceptionally slow by 19s standards - they pop roughly 18 hours a day. Go to twinkinfo.com if you wish to discuss or learn about 19s, as there is no longer any real presence on official forums.
^^ pretty much..and you just gotta coordinate with other 19's to get into some bgs...but im still tryna gear this lil guy up a bit more before i start networking with other 19s..but so far i think im on the right gear path...(minus the dam bracers that keep eluding me from SFK)
well about 3 other guildies and I are making some, I wish I kept my BC twink but /shrug what are you going to do. thnx for the info tho Dorygoon
Still active

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