Inscription or Alchemy?

I'm currently new to WoW. I have no professions whatsoever right now. Should I get Alchemy or Inscription? Which one gets you more of a profit? And if I do get either one, should I get Herbalism before I get either of them?
Or, since I'm a Shaman, would getting Inscription and Alchemy, both, at the same time be a good combo?
If you're new to Wow you should pick up herbalism/mining. Go back and level them until you reach a level where you can pick/mine in the areas where you are currently leveling. Sell the extra ore, keep the herbs (you can mail stacks to alts for small amounts of copper when your bank gets full and they will automatically return to you after sixty days if you just leave them in the mail).

When you hit 90, level Inscription. Alchemy is great if you plan to raid but Inscription makes more profit. I make gold with Inscription and I save gold with Alchemy.
Hmm, after I hit level 90 and get Inscription, should I replace Herbalism with Alchemy as well?
My shaman has Inscription/Alchemy. I just buy my herbs or get them from my farm (that you'll get later on). I'd keep herbalism right at first and make sure that you have the right herbs to level it before dropping it. Inscription uses any herbs of the right level but Alchemy uses specific ones for leveling.

Save rare herbs like Goldthorn for Alchemy. Use all the common ones for Inscription.

Try for ideas for the best path to level.
Thanks for all the help. I have one more question. Instead of getting Alchemy, after I drop Herbalism, would getting Enchanting be a good idea? Therefore, having Enchanting and Inscripting as my combo? What's the good/bad qualities of Enchanting? And which is better Enchanting or Alchemy?
Enchanting pairs better with JC but there's nothing wrong with either profession. I use Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, and Tailoring to make things to sell with Alchemy to buff JC and give me a leg up when raiding. I've got two max level alchemists and I like the profession but it's a more subtle moneymaker than some. Pairing Jewelcrafting with a Transmute specced alchemist can make you bank.

I'd wait until you get closer to 90 before worrying to much but once you reach that level I'd be happy to explain negatives and positives of all of these professions.
Alright, thanks a lot. I'll just get Herbalism first, then later on get Inscripting, and at the very end replace Herbalism with Alchemy. Thanks for all the help. :)

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