Thinking of server xferring.

Me and a friend were thinking of server transferring to tichondrius and was wondering how the Horde to Alliance ratio is. How is pvp? We are both big pvp players. How is world pvp? Our current realm is dead as far as pvp goes.
think again kind sir.
Why would you want to come here?
Good Morning,

The ratio seems to now favor horde 55-45

There is not alot of PVE happening on horde side, though there are a few guilds. By coming to tich you simply get access to BG9. The players here are great however many are pvpers that have been playing for longer amounts of time and during the time have developed close relationships with other players thus making it harder to gain access to play with these players.

I would recommend coming, however if you want world pvp servers like Emerald Dream are great as well
Is the PVP equal in terms of alliance though? Or are all the good players horde? I see the ladders and it's all horde. I'm looking to play alliance

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