I understand your concern and I beleive we have addressed the issue, if you notice, we are attempting to let our other posts die off so that we have less spam going off, if you have any other concerns please feel free to message me in game at any time :) thanks!
I luv my bear butt boo!
Still in need of a Hunter for team Hell Hogs...
I can't believe how hard it is to get a good hunter these days
I miss my bear friend <3
need some shammys and hunters up in here!
Still need resto shaman/druids, ele shaman with OS heals and a hunter
Still need some good people to fill our raids :D
Wasn't Tala trying to find a hpally for Team Crisis? We've found that tank in Donigan.

o.o More recruiting! Go go!
@Jellypanda Yes and yes

We are also wanting more for building a 25m and another 10m. The other 10m we would like to be an early morning or late night type grp. Aslo, If any guild want to save what they have and wants to look at moving in with us and see what it is like to be sponsored all welcome. Can reach me at sekket#1129
Thanks for the heads up Jelly <3
Let's fill this 25M!
Team Hell Hogs in need of DK tank must be ilvl 485+
Dovee: Should fix that we don't need a druid tank or a resto shammy anymore.
looking for a PvP Officer and Team..
Jeez Jelly your so demanding!
Needing Balance Druid W/ os Heals for Team Hell Hogs
Updated for HH

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