How to fix warlock sustain .


To address this issue, we need to look no further than the the key talents, specifically tier 1, tier 3, tier 6, and grimoire of sac. It is a very long read but I tried to make it funny/humorous/enjoyable.

Tier 1
This is the main bulk that needs reworking. This is where the warlock gets his/her sustain. That being said, this was done horrendously. Time to fix it up
1. Dark regen. Good intentions, horribly enacted. Why a 2 min cd for SUSTAIN. While it's a good idea to have a proc-able one, we need to make it so that it can still suffice as a normal sustain mechanic. Change the cd to 30 sec, reduce the healing recieved to 15%, and for the love of Sageras (see what I did there :P) get rid of that 25% healing buff. Seriously? This is just encouraging having warlocks lean on a healer class. Which shouldn't be done, never encourage a class to lean on another (while it does affect healthstone and drain life too, the majority of the benefit of this efefct would come from a healer).
2. Soul Leech. Another good intention horribly enacted. Ready for this awesome bit of wisdom? If people are being attacked, and need health, why is all the potentially useful healing coming from the spells they can't cast? Malefic grasp, chaos bolt, etc. These spells will provide the most healing for their spec, and are the most easibly stoppable. EVERY melee should be ready to kanye west that chaos bolt. "I'ma let you finish casting, but not right now cause I don't want to get hit with 160k of ouch". And it being on fel flame? Now that's laughable. "BEWARE! I CAN HEAL MYSELF FOR 3K. YOU JELLY OF MY HEALS THAT DON'T EVEN RESTORE 1% OF A LVL 90'S HP?"
Anyways enough complaining, I think it's painfully (emphasis on pain) obvious the flaw with this one. Even blizz has figured that out, and changed the healing to a shield because whenever it actually DID any substantial healing, it was overhealing because the warlock didn't need to be healed because no one was attacking the warlock (so they could cast that chaos bolt :P). The problem is that it's still only useful when the warlock isn't taking damage, which is why it's going to continue to fail as a sustain spell. Simply put, take the healing off the major spells (chaos bolt, malefic grasp, etc) apply it to the more minor ones (conflag, agony/UA, etc.) and increase the healing it does to be a more substantial number now that you don't have to fear 20k warlock heals each second while fel flame still heals only 3k. While we're at it, since this'll count as sustain now, get rid of drain life if you take this. But make sure that it's worth it.
3. Harvest life. This is kind of... ew no. Truly a spell more designed for aoe farming than a frost mage's blizzard, this spell is seldom used in anything end-game. Let's get 'er done. Make it unspellockable (nothing screams backfire quite like a spell your depending your life on that instead makes itvery easy for you not to be able to cast anything). And let it boost the damage done by DoTs by an X amount while casting (this would treat rain of fire as a dot as well). That way, it's not all sorts of pathetic to be using. Simple, and not as long of a solution as Soul Leech :P

Tier 3
This is where the defense comes in. Time for fun
1. Soullink. Cut the "linked healthpool" garbage. A demon is a minion not my conjoined twin, and frankly it should stay that way. Quick changes to this spell need to be that if the demon does take damage the bulk of it isn't transferred to me, that the healing isn't shared between us but instead is duplicated so that the demon's life is on equal priority as the warlock, and just make the demon take 20% ish damage away from the warlock. The demon shouldn't be an extension of the warlock's health, it should be a mitigrator.
2. Sacrificial pact. I was actually for 25% current health cost 400% shield, but w/e. This talent is fine imo.
3. Dark bargain. Another okay talent. A bit long of a cd though, considering it's competing with 1 minute and a constant effect, and it already has a penalty attached to it. Maybe 2 min cd? Seeing as it's basically a remake of pally bubble anyways I'm not all that thrilled about it tbh.

Grimoire of Sac
I actually like where this is will be at TBH. The only thing I would suggest is changing it to .4% every 1 sec, simply because it's better to feel smoother (this was done a while back to spirit and mana regen). Also, maybe bumping the health regen up a tiny bit to .6%, since what I've found is 2% is too low but 4% is too high, so the warmest soup should be just right... wait... where am I talking about again?

Tier 6
Ugh. I really don't want to cover this. We can go into how much KJ's cunning is an obvious choice that will just be made even more "obvious-er" next patch. We can go into how mannoroth's rage was when rain of fire stunned, and now it's useless aside from a stealth detector for those overcomposating warlocks that need a huge aoe, a huge dreadsteed, etc. In fact, I;m sorry to say, let's not. Let's just provide a brief outline, not even go into specifics in this can of worms, and call it a post shall we? Because if you're tired of reading this I'm definately tired of typing it. (and I'm running out of bad jokes and pop culture references :P)
Archimonde's Vengeance needs to be a primarily defensive talent. It needs to hurt more passively, and depends ont he warlock being tanky. Therefore, I think it should be changed to a passive 15% damage reflect, an active effect that let's you focus that 15% of the damage on a specific person, and no cd.
KJ's Cunning is fine where it is now, idk why they are buffing it next patch... oh right, the active stinks since it removes to cd, and they know this because everyone and their demon(aka your mother-n-law :P) has taken this talent and no one will ever use the active effect. I think just removing the "this effect is cancelled while on cooldown" thing would suffice... No need to make this talent any MORE attractive than it needs to be, everyone's already using it.
Mannoroth's Fury... just rework. Into any generic talent or idea you can get off the forums. As long as it is an offensive+defensive talent (to keep the balance between the purely defensive archimond's vengeance and purely offensive KJ's cunning). For example: "Mannoroth's Fury Passive- Each time you take damage, you gain x amoutn of your secondary resource (soulshards, fury, embers, etc.) (also for soulshards we might have to make that more of a proc than a whole shard). Effect cannot happen more than once/second. Active: Consumes x secondary resource to restore Y (huge #) amount of health, and afflict you with fel taint, reducing any holy/nature healing effects done to you by 50% till the cd is up again, and say it's a 30 sec cd". Make it op enough to compete with casting while moving at least....

Well, if you stuck with me throughout this whole thing you're a trooper and treat yourself to an icecream cone (but don't you dare put hot fudge on it, or else Martha's gonna comment about your flabby arms). Thank you for reading and any comments would be nice.

Yes that is a fudge stain on my pants.

It seems since they did away with the old talent trees, we will always be left with these blahh talents we have now. And they will always be blahhh.


Is that because of the talents being bad in your opinion or my giant wall of text critting you for over 9000 :P
It possible due to the fact that no matter what we say, the developers have their own idea of how the class should be played, even though they dont play it themselves. All our typing doesnt get us many good changes while other classes get many things we should have gotten.

Warlockdom is like a diamond mine. The other classes get the diamonds and we get the shaft.
Keep in mind im just a casual so take that for what its worth

I disagree that dark regen is done badly because paired with the healthstone glyph it is a great survival cooldown. I suppose it wouldnt be a sustain tool, your right, but was it meant to be? I do agree with you on the tier 3 talents, wouldnt know about the others.
Two points I disagree on.

Harvest life works fine for pve, especially in pve in LFR. It might not mix well with affliction who would rather be channeling MG on single target or spamming SOC for AOE. It does work well enough with destro and demo.

Harvest life probably isn't the best choice for rated pvp, arena especially. For random bgs it is fine and can be downright fantastic in some situations.

In LFR I find it is amazing on foolishly big AOE pulls, especially if the tanks can't hold what they pull that well. It works nicely in general if you find you have healers who tend to be lacking, it allows you to be a lot more self-sufficient. A dead warlock does zero dps.

Dark bargain is amazing, it just has a drawback and has to be used smartly. A good example of that ties into, for pve at least, what I mentioned above about foolishly big pulls. A tank bit off way more than he could chew and even when I gave him time to build up aggro on the group it wasn't enough. I popped dark bargain when I got swarmed and lived through it. Afterwards when the tanks grabbed the mobs back I lived through the dot portion with heavy use of Harvest.

Dark bargain is also fantastic in pvp which I think is self-explanatory for a class that was always the first train target in the past.
02/04/2013 06:41 AMPosted by Noctowl
Dark bargain is amazing, it just has a drawback and has to be used smartly

The backlash damage is in the shadow school, so a portion, if not all, of the damage dealt back, can also be absorbed.

My personal macro for eating things I shouldn't be eating is as follows: /cast Unending Resolve|/cast Dark Bargain|/cast Twilight Ward. :]

And I learned something new. I probably should have checked into that, but I will be using twilight ward for that, and more in general. I am a bad warlock for not remembering that spell as much as I should.
ward is clutch as balls, i was actually thinking of macroing it something a bit easier in my rotation so i can keep on cooldown, its great in raid to mitigate consitant shadow damage.
Two points I disagree on.

Harvest life works fine for pve, especially in pve in LFR.
Dark bargain is amazing.

I'm assuming those are your 2 points.
1. Harvest life, I specified endgame becuase I knew it was good in lfr, but then again, anything can be good in lfr. LFR shouldn't be looked at endgame anythimg really... and that's the issue I take from it. While it's certainly great for aoe farming while levelling, and some lfr, it doesn't really shine during a boss fight as much.
2. dark bargain. agreed. I guess I should clarify, I'm just not thrilled about it because it wasn't something new and exciting. Granted, a lot, such as the t3 talents, weren't new and exciting :P, but I felt as if there were still some things like archmonde's vengeance or unbound will that were kinda "oh what's this?" But yeah, I think the cd is a bit too harsh, but other than that I'm fine with it.
02/04/2013 06:35 AMPosted by Daveydemonic
A dead warlock does zero dps.

Unless he's affliction. Then he keeps dpsing for what 30 seconds?
/cast Dark Regeneration
/use Healthstone

bam you have a 25% more efficient healthstone than your entire raid, plus 20% more of your hp.

/cast Command Demon
/use Healthstone

sac a voidwalker, and bam huge health bump. Actually saved our group from a wipe when one of the healers didnt get inside the spirit world. Used that and the 15% hp from the 3 second fear then clicked off the voidwalker 30% hp buff and was at 100% giving myself the button to get back out. Hunter died lolz. We beat it without wiping. Was magical.

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