A very important Death Knight question.

Death Knight
I have been thinking for a while about trying something completely new and something I have never tried before. I kind of went out of my comfort zone a little bit but yet everything felt okay when I made this monumental decision. So anyways my hair is now mane style instead of my typical flipped or sometimes long with this transmog set. So my burning all important question is does this hair work?
I prefer the mohawk and braids or the short bob. Long hair doesn't really flow well enough in this game, in my opinion. Maybe when we get updated models.

Edit: Do love that transmog though. A lot.
It's okay, but it's not perfect; never will be as a FEMALE Orc.

Go male orc or go home. Master race 4lyfe.
But we're the same race!
don't you have an internment camp to be in?
I'm partial to the bald-ponytail style, myself.
The longer hair styles look too frazzled... Like undead female hair.
02/03/2013 10:31 PMPosted by Xarreda
don't you have an internment camp to be in?

Nope. Your race's incompetence got us out of that jam. Thanks for that.
Blah couldn't keep myself to keep the mane style hair. Realized another one of my femorc toons had the exact same hairstyle so I couldn't bring myself to keep it.

I tried the mohawk I feel like it isn't for me. If I had some goggles or any sets that looked decent with a purple eye patch for transmog then maybe.

Alas I feel as though my fatal flaw with most femorc hairstyles is my skin is too light and I don't enjoy the aesthetics of looking at a brighter scalp.

I do like both the other important people that posted in this forums (the femorcs) transmogs. That tabard really makes your boobies stick out Zionic, that is something I can truly respect. I personally liked the eye patch better on you Solution but I could just be impartial because I first saw you with an eye patch and maybe I have some weird eye patch nostalgia.

Maybe one day I'll be ready to move on with some new hairstyles...maybe...

@Jack: Femorc is master race. Abs + !@#$ = Master race. It's just math.
Look at all that ugly.
02/05/2013 01:41 AMPosted by Nathreim
Look at all that ugly.

I know right.

I feel so terrible for them :(
Dual-Wield Ponytails, often referred as pigtails for short, is the only real option here. Your Inner Breeze Flailability (IBF) will be significantly increased on your hair.

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