DK/Shaman LF Raiding GRP

Triniknight: 493 Blood DK/ 483 Frost DK (Main)
Trinishaman: 487 Ele Shaman/ 469 Enh Shaman (Alt)


Some of you may have seen me spam trade for raid groups for my shaman, and now I am looking one for my death knight. I have 16/16n 1/16hm exp and protectors elite exp as well on my dk. shaman has 6/6 mv exp and 2/6 hof exp but know all the fights.

My schedule is open at the moment, cept wednesdays will vary due to personal reasons. Feel free to message me or in-game mail.

Shaman armory link:

We're looking for a 1 solid raider to join our wed/thurs 930pm roster. Pretty sure youve told me this might not work for you, but just double checking it the same individual. Have room for either the ele sham, or tank or dps DK. Palisis#1918

Incase you go Alliance.

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