anybody else love divine star pvp?

* Wanted to give that last tier a look considering nerf to halo.
* After using divine star I prefer it over even unbuffed halo.
* Used on cooldown with defense rotation like PW:S, POM, Divine Star, Renew its pretty dope.
*I see 40k-90k heals every 15 seconds with it (essentially a flash heal) without having to drop form.
*Halo was good at getting out stealth, but didn't work all the time (for me at least)
*Divine star is constant, instant, and heals for a goooooood amount.... nerf halo i don't care!
*What u guys think?
I have been reconsidering Divine Star given the 5.2 patch notes and change to halo.

Originally I didn't like it. It would bug out all the time flying through the floor or into the air. It felt clumsy to me.

I do have some questions about Divine Star though...
Does it heal yourself (sounds like it from op)? Does it reveal stealthed enemies? When is it worth the gcd to use?
/castsequence reset=15 [target=player] Divine Star, Prayer of Mending, Renew

no glunk..... it happens automatically this way tell me what u think
02/04/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Bystander
Does it reveal stealthed enemies?

That would be insanely hard to aim even if it did...its like a little tiny spec of light boomerang that travels straight out of your character a couple of yards away and comes back..
02/04/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Bystander
Does it reveal stealthed enemies?
Yes it does.

02/04/2013 08:01 PMPosted by Xpotiom
That would be insanely hard to aim
If you can tell where they are heading you can get them pretty easy.
I've been using divine star since the start. A few glads prefer it also. I rather be able to heal than waste mana with something that's only situational.
You know, I never even considered Divine Star before reading this thread.
I always thought with how wide of a range Halo had it was a must against stealthies. However, now that I think about it, the times I have actually seen my halo work effectively in that way are very few and far in between.
I'm face palming now for never thinking that much into Divine Star. And now with 5.2...

That damn halo glow just distracted me too much... so shiny...
I've switched to Divine star for healing as well, as stated, I get about 40k healing crits with it and I can use it while locked out of Holy. I'm assuming it's usable while locked out of shadow school as well.
Line up in arena with it, can hit all 4 players in 2s. Excellent heal to damage spell for cost.

Very sad when it chooses to go into the earth rather than across the ground.

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