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Hello, I am looking for a raiding guild which has at the very least downed a heroic boss. If you take a look at me gear you may be a little confused. You see I'm coming back to Stormrage from the server Uldaman where i raided as a hunter and Paladin in the guild BloOdshriNe kNighTs back in Cata. During that time i achieved #2 hunter on the realm during Dragon Soul and was part of a raiding team which was realm 2nd for clearing all of Dragon Soul, within a month. I am very skilled with the Hunter class and I am always looking to improve. My gear, and as well as my level at the moment do not indicate the player that i am, so please do not let that discourage you.

I am looking for a guild that raids between the hours of 8:30 p.m and 12 Midnight server time on Monday-Thursday. I want to raid at least twice a week but no more than 4 times per week.

I am a very laid back guy, pretty humorous (at least i think so), but when it comes down to progression you will find no better player for your raiding team. I enjoy playing the game with people I enjoy spending time with and it really is the people i meet and play with that keeps me loving this game.

You can contact me by either posting here or mailing Frostshot in-game (on Stormrage U.S)

P.S The reason for me posting now, before i'm even 90 and geared is so that I have time to mesh with any prospective homes for me on Stormrage. I am willing to have a trial, bench, probation period, anything else, all i want to do is be a part of a successful team of people i can call friends!
Hello Frostshot,

We are currently looking for 1 DPS for our 10 man progression team. We currently don't have ANY mail users in our team. We require potential recruits to be around ilvl 485 to come join on our team. We were a little late to hit the content but we are currently 15/16 in normal and plan on hitting some heroics, pending on when 5.2 drops. I know you are a little behind, but I have gone almost month without finding a quality Hunter or Shaman to join the team so I wouldn't be opposed to have you work on your gear in guild. We are a smaller guild that's main priority is raiding. We raid Tues/Thurs 8-11 (sometimes a little after) and are looking for 1 more to complete the team.

For more information on our guild check out our recruitment post.
We are a guild that has been around since Nax was current content in WotLK. We have had a lot of players, stop playing the game or take extended breaks.

We are looking to rebuild for 5.2 and get our top 20 status back

We are looking for the following.


Druid or Monk Heals (DPS O/S)


DK, Lock, Hunter


DK, Paly, Monk (DPS O/S)

We would prefer someone who is the same progression as us or close to and item level 480+ looking for players who are willing to work on progression, and get into HM, we just need a few geared knowledgeable with good raid awareness.

We raid Tues, Wed, Sun from 915pm-12:00am est.

If you are interested please /who unconquered and look for myself, Bloody or Bheliom for more information

We provide, flasks, feasts, and repairs once you earn your core spot.
I posted on my old toon so you might recognise me, HERRO frostshot, how you been?? As you know we brought Nexus over a while back, and we are always recruiting. Be more then happy to chat you up and see if we can work you into our little family. We are currently 9/16hm. Pst my new main, Mcfergus.
Team 1 is 9/16hm and team 2 is 16/16nm, I just saw your raid times and realized we do 10-1 server :(
Regardless, good to see you, I still remember that hella server party you threw outside goldshire, world pvp and thousands of fireworks, good times!
Wow my old BSK friends weren't kiddin when they said they knew a lot of people here lol :)
Rage is a semi-hardcore 25m guild on Stormrage, a PVE EST server in a Chicago Datacenter. Most of our members are students or young professionals; we have few if any minors and intend to keep it that way.

The guild raided heroic modes on Baelgun during Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm (highest rank achieved was US 69) with a 12 hour raid schedule. After a short break (the GM left the game to get married, purchase a house, etc) we moved to Stormrage shortly before the start of Mists of Pandaria. Currently we are raiding 9 hours a week and vigorously shaping our roster for the next tier in which our goal will be to pursue heroic mode progression as we have done in the past.

If you are a skilled and friendly player looking for progression on a minimal raid schedule Rage could be a great fit.

Raid Information:
Days: Mond, Tue, Wed
Times: 9:30 PM till 12:30 AM EST

We are always willing to consider exceptional players of all classes, however we are actively seeking the following:

- Prot Warrior
- Rogue
- Frost DK
- Warlock
- Holy Paladin
- Shadow Priest
- Hunter
- Mage
- Resto Druid
- Mistweaver Monk

In addition to the openings above, we are always open to ANY exceptional player that is willing to compete for a CORE spot.

Current Mists of Pandaria Progression:
- Mogu'shan Vaults Normal 6/6 (4/6 Heroic)
- Heart of Fear 6/6 (2/6 Heroic)
- Terrace Of Endless Spring 4/4

History of Guild Milestones include:
US 92 H: Beth'tilac (25) - July 28
US 73 H: Lord Rhyolith (25) - July 14
US 64 H: Shannox (25) - July 6
US 159 H: Sinestra (25) - June 21
US 157 H: Cho'gall (25) - May 29
US 165 H: Nefarian (25) - May 6
Level 25 – April 6
US 162 H: Valion and Theralion (25) – March 31
US 171 H: Omnotron Defense System (25) – March 25
US 209 H: Magmaw (25) – March 16

We require our members and applicants to all have:
1) A solid connection and an excellent computer
2) Good attendance
3) Working microphone and mumble installed
4) A parse from World of Logs or WoWMeter
5) A winning attitude

Loot Distribution
We award loot via loot council that takes into consideration attendance, performance, Best In Slot items, items currently worn, and last item received. Loot information can be found here:

Contact Us
If this sounds like what you’re looking for in a guild, you've got several means to reach us.


In-Game: Ripten (GM), Eekthecat (Officer), Merit (Officer), Xeddy (Officer).

Xeddy Real ID: Triph#1140

If you are interested in applying online, the application is here:

We hope to hear from you soon and wish you luck in your guild search.

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