Thinking of transfering here

I was thinking of transferring here and looking for a guild that raids 9 PM est to around 2 AM est. Cant be on Fri/Sat I know my MoP raid experience is lacking but I am returning from a extended break and looking to get back into raiding. In Cata I was 9/13H in BD,BOT, and TFW, 6/7H in Firelands, and 8/8H in DS. If interested, please add my battletag Bluelantern 1541 or post here
We raid Tues/Wed 9 ST (Central). What spec do you raid as?
Hey there Ackroyd! We raid Tues/Thurs 8pm ST (9 EST) and Sun 7pm ST. Ill add your battletag later tonight so we can talk if you want, or you can add me Flabogle1255.
Go away! We need Horde not Alliance...
02/05/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Aenistris
Go away! We need Horde not Alliance...

Been a part of Sargeras Horde before...never again.

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