Soloing Cata raid bosses

Hey guys

Just like to update you guys on some of the new stuff I was able to do in 5.1. You may recall my earlier naxx and ulduar threads somewhere in this forum but for those who don't know, I enjoy the challenge of soloing raids of past expansions as a spriest, and of course we all know that priests isn't the best class to do this, but that's just part of the challenge which I enjoy. Transmog gear and mounts that drop are just a nice side bonus for me.

So far for cata raid bosses, aside from Alysrazor, which we all came to love to solo by now, I have managed 4/6 BWD, 1/2 ToFW and 1/3 BH. All on 10N. As with all my videos, I put a strat and guide in the description.

Omnotron Defense System:
Maloriak: Not Defeated (Red phase plus adds probably hurts too much)
Nefarian: Not Defeated (Not enough gear to take on a 2.5 tank job)

Argaloth: Not Defeated (Meteor Strikes?!)
Alizabal: Not Defeated (Haven't even tried)

Conclave of Wind: Not Defeated (Probably impossible to solo for any class at this point)

The rest of T11, especially the bosses in BoT, are still too difficult if not impossible for me at this stage of the xpac. Same goes with T12 and T13. Obviously I will continue to try as I get more gear but the upcoming 5.2 healing nerfs for shadow is rather discouraging.
Nice job, neat idea, thanks for the little smile this gave me :D

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