Returning player struggling to survive

on a pvp server!
Now it has been a long time since ive played, at least a year and the game is entirely different.
I am just starting pandaria and im having trouble with pesky alliance. Now yeah you get the occasional level 90 that ganks you but nothing I can do about it...when im level 90 im sure I wont be able to resist the urge to gank some lower levels too...

but I got my !@# handed to me by 2 or 3 rogues the other was just a day of rogues they were everywhere....

I even had the oppertunity to jump one of them but as I am a noob after he vanished and came back he killed me ...

so.... two questions

what is my general rotation on attacking someone in feral ( kitty )....
From some brief research the general combo was

(from stealth) savage roar ( I have the glyph) > pounce > tigers fury > shred till 5 combo? > rip >shred > then 5 second talent stun thing and hope he dies?

and what do I do if a rogue gets the jump on me ? Switch to bear to absorb the burst?

Remember this is world pvp I wotn have pvp gear or trinkets on
tigers fury is mostly for the energy gain, so save it till you are low on energy.

you get to instant cast something after you use 5 combo points ( 20% chance per point) so you want to use cyclone or healing touch usually.

savage roar will fall off after you get your first rip up, so you need to put it back up either before you keep shredding and and using maim/fb.

personally i keep my pvp trinket on while questing ( on a pvp server)

also the gear disparity in MoP is pretty big, dont get frustrated when you get blown up while cc'd.
thanks for the info Myrddin
any others with any advice

which combos do you use in Kitty form?
and what do to do if I get jumped by another feral/rogue

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