5.2 binding heal: serenity chackra

Edit: I made time to find the answer to these questions last night during downtime. I'll add the answers in a second post for anyone else who was mildly curious about how the new Binding Heal Glyph works with Holy Serenity Chakra.


On live Binding heal enjoys an exemption from the single target heal criterion with respect to refreshing renew in serenity chakra. It refreshes renew on yourself and on the BH target.

If Binding Heal is glyphed in 5.2 does it still qualify as a single target heal, refreshing renew?

If so, how many of the 3 targets are refreshed?

How large is the size of the third heal (any scaling?)?

Does the third heal generate EoLs?
Short answers:

Glyphed Binding Heal does qualify as single target and all three heals refresh renew.

The second smart heal shows no scaling and EoLs are generated as normal.

If you like numbers, these are mine from the raw toon copy (no gems/enchants etc); self buffed, serenity chakra, IF, Glyphed Binding, Glyphed Renew (although the second doesn't matter - I was just checking the viability of rolling the higher HoT tick on loosely spread ranged; i.e. paired under the 20yard criterion).

Glyphed Binding: 3x 55.5k heals, 21.9k mana, 1.38sec cast.


Flash: 1x 79.7k, 17.7k mana, 1.37 sec cast.
Heal: 1x 49k, 5.7k mana, 2.3 sec cast.

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