[H] Looking for raiding guild odd times.

Greetings Saurfang!

I have xfer'd two level 90's to this server (my other being my hunter Tardspec) because I initially rolled on spirestone US back in BC. Being a nub back then I didn't know about Oceanic (I'm also Australian) realms, or what pvp/pve/rp realms meant either.

Well fast forward 4 years and I got sick of my old realm since it was dwindling in numbers and world ganking was getting on my nerves considering the number of dailies there are now. It was getting too frustrating!

Now to the point, I was gonna take MoP pretty causally and only stick to LFR and dungeons but now i've gotten the urge to start proper raiding again. The problem with that is I work afternoons (3pm - 11:30pm weekdays Adelaide time) So that puts me in an awkward situation with raiding times.

So i ask, does anyone know of a raiding guild that raids during awkward times like in the mornings or late at night?

Thanks, so far im enjoying my time on Saurfang!

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