Do hunters get more manageable later?

Pretty much topic, I love playing this warlock, but omg hunters make me rage so hard. I am literally dead before I can do anything. Silence shot, half health by the time that goes away, I go to cast something, distracting shot and I am dead.

Please tell me this gets better.
Bad Hunters sure. With all my cooldowns up I can beat a decent hunter. Good hunters will never let you get a spell off.
your level 61 /thread
I don't find hunters too much of a problem these days. The key is Dark Apotheosis which you get off the Glyph of Demon Hunting. DA has the same +250% armor buff and most of a hunters damage is physical. It also adds another 14-15% resistance to physical and magical damage.

Having said that, because of how abilities scale, I have no idea if this will work at your level.
02/06/2013 09:53 AMPosted by Foamy
your level 61 /thread

you're an elitist end-game focusing player.
Only way to beat a hunter is to hope he's targetting someone else.


1. Silence Shot
2. Disorienting Shot
3. Pet stun
4. Feign Death
5. Deterance

6. Ice Trap
7. Pet interrupt/disorient/stun (I assume number 3 is the BM ability)
8-14. Everything is reset with readiness.

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