ilvl483 disc priest LF raiding guild

Hey Darkspear! To the point. My current progression is 6/6 msv normal 10m and 2/6 HoF normal 10 man. The problem is my guild fell apart and the last few weeks of raiding has been non productive with no group effort torwards progressing.

My main and only maxed toon is my lv90 ilvl483 human disc priest. I'm interested in joining a guild that is at least progressing on garalon or further and planning to stick to 10 man raiding. I'm not interested in being a back up or swapping out every week because of to many raiders.

Raid times I will never be able to be online:
Mondays - 2-7 realm time
Wednesdays - 2-7 realm time
Thursdays - 2-6 realm time

With that being said, the later the raid times the better, but obviously not going till 2 a.m. or after on a regular basis. I'm willing to raid as many days per week as the guild is interested in doing. I'm not the master of my class but I do keep people up during all the fights of course. I know all fight mechanics on normal mode up to full HoF and protectors in Terrace and will learn more through videos and/or RL explaining them as we progress.

I bring my own buff food/flasks/pots and some 250 banquets if needed. I buy my own enchants/gems unless the guild is happy to provide them.

Thanks for reading.

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