Nidhögg Heroic Tier 14 Raid/Achievement Sale!

Area 52
Hello there, Nidhögg is currently looking for a potential buyer for Heroic MSV clears. We are a group of skilled, friendly players.We understand that many casuals and enthusiastic raiders are not able to obtain these prestigious titles/gear or achievements due to not having the time to commit to the game. Therefore we are opening up the opportunity for you to obtain these achievements/titles at your leisure.

Listed below are our prices!

Heroic 10m MSV

Cost: 200k
What It Includes:
-"Delver Of the Vaults" Title
- 6/6H
- Main spec gear that drops (with the exception of the select few pieces our raiders need)
-Cutting Edge Feat of Strength (reward for clearing Mogu'shan Vaults Prior to nerfs). End boss Feats will not be available once 5.2 hits so get them now!
--Heroic achvs toward meta

Heroic 10m HoF

Select bosses available, whisper ingame for details!

Heroic 10m Terrace

Coming soon!

- If you want specific loot/achievements or have any questions not listed here feel free to contact me through ingame mail or via battletag Icecoldsir#1600

How to buy

Whisper Versuvian, kneezy, phazed, arcanal or chaqella in game.
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02/07/2013 04:56 PMPosted by Shoreline
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02/07/2013 04:38 PMPosted by Froggér
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Do you guys sell normal 10 man tier pieces? Im interested in spend ~50k to get 3 pieces of normal tier
My name is Deegs and I approve this message.
My name is Bumcivilian and I approve of Nidhögg.

Best of luck guys ;)
Heroic Sha going down soon.. BUMP
No date on V-day......

02/13/2013 03:27 PMPosted by Weedlady
Do you guys sell normal 10 man tier pieces? Im interested in spend ~50k to get 3 pieces of normal tier

Really wouldn't be worth it for us. Doing HoF and/or ToES on normal for 50k, this close to downing Sha, wouldn't be worth it for us. We would want heroic gear from the two raids that drop tier; so i'm guessing the answer is going to be no. but, im not in charge of this so i'm not the person to talk to.
No date on V-day......


I'm here for you
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