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Undeniable is a 10-man raiding guild that recently moved from Dark Iron to Illidian. We are a close-knit mature guild that likes to joke around and hang out when we aren't raiding, during raid though we expect complete focus on the boss at hand. We got off to a slow start in MoP and are hoping with the switch of servers we can get back on track in time for Throne of Thunder progression.

We are looking for a couple people to help round out our roster to finish up normal raids with a goal to start heroic modes. We are currently 6/6 MV and 4/6 HoF. We have had attendance issues arise and had no luck in recruiting on the low pop server.

We are looking for DPS and healers. A Disc Priest is our first choice, but we will consider all except for a MW Monk. We also prefer a Mage or Ele Shaman. Enhance shaman or Fury Warrior would be preferable as melee dps. Anyone is welcome to come talk to us, our main goal is to have 10-12 people ready to go every raid night.

We run from 7-10 PST (9-12 Server time). If you are interested you can go to our website:

You can message us in game as well if you would like.
GM: Darkhartx (zancorr#1185)
Officers: Urliq (Urliq#1478), Ayslin, Sintinel, Dancenado
Still looking for a healer and dps
Got a 483 arcane mage hmu
Hey, I am planning on moving to illidan and wanting to get into raiding again. I recently started up wow again and have been 90 for a few weeks now. Your guild sounds like the kind of group I want to run with. I'm main speccing enhance and OS resto currently. Right now I'm focused on getting geared up for raiding. Most of my raiding experience is from ICC, firelands and DS. When I'm raiding I'm focused and listen to direction, after the raid I'm a complete goofball. If you're interested in recruiting me let me know and I'll transfer and gear up ASAP. Send me a message here or battle tag stephen#1698
mainly need a healer now and a tank
Hello. I am a Guardian Druid and I would be interested in joining your guild as a tank. Whisper me in game to talk.

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