I wanna be Mogul. Which professions?

Hi folks, lets be honest. I wanna be super duper rich and buy whatever i want from AH without worrying about running out of gold.

Which professions are high demanded and makes tons of gold? I have tailoring, bs, enchanting, herblism, mining at 475 lvl.

As previously mentioned, all of them. Skip the gathering professions as they're a waste of your time. The exception being mining, as smelting your own stuff is a huge goldsaver longterm.

Finish your Tailor, BS, and enchanter. Drop your herbalist. It might be worth leveling a skinner with a LWer and then dropping skinning once youre done.

Armor crafting characters should be level 90 so you can benefit from SoH. It's possible others will next patch but at this point I can't swear to it.

If you have the available level 80+ character slots you can double up on professions that benefit from cooldowns or materies. For example you can have a bunch of Scribes so you can make extra darkmoon cards, or several alchemists and have one of each mastery, or extra with transmute mastery.

In general just blanket the market. If you can turn a profit, do it, with each profession. The more things you got your fingers in the more you can make.

It's also helpful to do all your posting from one character with it's own guild bank, this way you can backstock extra items so you need to craft less frequently. Anything that saves time with a big operation is a good thing.
The biggest thing I have seen make a difference in what I do is you do not have to settle. Prices change frequently. Try to find out when people tend to buy off the AH. You do not have to post what you have right away and settle for a lesser price to sell at.
I am a retired library/media specialist and used to play wow with my son, who is no longer able to play, due to illness. I have been working on Pandaren cooking skills since level 85, but cannot get all the recipes. I tried making sure I had all the ingredients on my character when I talked to the various trainers, but I still lack a lot of the recipes. Can anyone help me? I would also like to learn how to play a warrior better; (this is my first warrior and I am terrible, but enjoy the game, nonetheless.) I don't dare try dungeons and have no one to "partner" with to improve my skills. Anyhow, I really want to finish the cooking things I have been working on since arriving in Pandaria at level 85 or so. I would also like to find a guild which would help me out. My guild rarely has more than 2 or 3 players on when I am online. Thanks, friends.
Some profs have varying degrees of competition on diff servers. Mining and herbalism is good if you have the time to farm and play the market.
Which is the most profitable profession at the moment and for 5.2?

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