Insane in the Membrane

So I've been seeing quite a bit of talk about this achievement being somewhat bugged since the release of Mop, particularly the tracking of rep achieved previous to the expansions release. However I haven't been able to find clear answers (even from blue posts) regarding individual cases. So I was wondering if anyone could help me out with some knowledge before I shoot myself in the foot with this achievement.

My current rep:
DMF - Exalted (during Mop)
Bloodsail - 4.6k/12k Honored (during Cata)
Ravenholdt - Haven't started
Steamwheedle - Hated with all four.

So basically my question is, if I start raising my reputation with the steamwheedle factions and lower my bloodsail rep, will I lose my bloodsail rep progress towards the achievement?

Thanks for any input
I got this from the newest comment on Wowhead: (

A word of warning as of 28/01/2013

I have completed all criteria with exception of BSB to honored and thought I had nothing more than to knock it off yesterday, so off to Faldir's Cove I went and in a very short time I noticed I was no longer Exalted with Booty Bay, shortly followed by the other three, to be expected obviously, but I also noticed that on the achievement tracker, these items were still checked off so I assumed I was home straight, grind through the night and I would be Insane come morning. Note, at this point I was also 29/30 for the achievement for 30 exalted reputations.

Anyway tiredness set in, so I logged out for the night making for an early start in the morning.

When I logged in, I noticed that the achievement tracker was now showing that I needed the 4 goblin factions exalted and also my 29/30 was now 25/30 I became very, very concerned, but I had no choice but to continue, I was hated with Booty Bay and not so far away from being the same with the other 3.

Anyway, I continued my grind until I finally hit Honored with BSB and guess what, no achievement and no title.
My achievement tracker now shows that I still need exalted with the 4 goblin factions.

Now this is the interesting part, I planned ahead, I asked 2 different GM's if this was possible to do the achievement in this way and was of course told that it was, I've retained the tickets of them stating this and to further back up my claim, I took screen shots along the way.

I've contacted a GM and await their reply, but I'm not holding out much hope or holding my breath, I think this will be one to have to simply chalk down to experience but this is game breaking for me, I spent a lot of time (don't have that much time to play the game anymore) and effort into getting this achievement and followed the direction of not one but 2 GM's and I really do think if this is not resolved pretty quickly in my favour, I'll be taking a break from the game, something I've not done in the 7 years or so I've played.

My final thought and advice, if anyone is contemplating doing as I did above, I would suggest not logging out during the BSB rep grind as the achievement tracker only changed after I logged out and back into the game.

I'll update on receiving correspondance from a GM

UPDATED: GM fixed for me, FOS and title across my chars.
Hi Qwes, I run a website with walk-throughs for Insane in the Membrane and other achievements and ever since the release of Patch 5.0.4 (just before MoP was released) I have received feedback from several people about the achievement being bugged.

From what followers have told me and what I've found on the forums, you are now required to keep your Bloodsail reputation at Honored and grind all the way from Hated to Exalted with the Steamwheedle Cartel through killing pirates. If you do the cloth turn-ins to get back to Neutral with the Steamwheedle, or if you do wait to do Bloodsail last as the post above describes, you will not receive the achievement. The issue the poster above describes is not with logging out, he still wouldn't have received the achievement if he had stayed logged in all night.

The good news is it looks like your achievement hasn't been messed up since you're still hated with the Steamwheedle and honored with the Bloodsail. The bad news is the achievement will take you longer than you may have originally anticipated.

I have updated my guide with this strategy of completing the achievement and if you are looking for specific details you can see my full guide at:

Hope that helps.

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