mobile armory updated - still no caged pets

Mobile Bug Report
The mobile armory app was updated to 5.2.1 today (jan 30) with this note:

"Pet Cages should now appear correctly on the Remote Auction House"

But caged pets still don't show up in AH searches, or in bags, or in current/expired auctions.

They show as a [?] in sold auctions, which is an improvement from crashing the app if there were any caged pets in the sold auctions list, but if you try to click on the [?] the app crashes.

I hope whoever's brilliant idea it was to implement caged pets in a way that broke all existing use of itemlinks know how badly they screwed up.
I noticed this too. I was hoping the app would finally be fixed, but it seems that almost nothing was changed.
Are you still experiencing this issue? We verified that this is working now. If anyone is running v5.2.1 and they cannot see the actual name of Pet Cages or are having in any other issues, let me know.

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