LF Alliance side Rated Battle Ground team

Bleeding Hollow
Do any of you have a team looking for a player?? I have not done a Rated BG yet, i Random Pug BG's pretty much every night and i ahve been 90 for about a week. My guild does not have a huge presence in PVP, we have done some 2's 3's and 5's, but i have not been able to get a rated team together.

So i am looking to get with a group that can help me get my feet wet, i am a work in progress and a fast learner, let me know if you have a place.

I do not want to swap guilds, i really like my guild, and we do have a couple raid teams that i am almost ready for.

Gear wise is what i have equipped, i am almost capped honor and will upgrade pieces as i get enough honor, and am working on capping conquest so i can get a few more pieces of Malev before 5.2 comes out.

thanks in advance
Wow, no one needs a player?

Bummer, i guess i better try and talk my guild into fielding a team.
I told you I'd help :3

Honestly, your best bet right now (and what I've decided to do) is just try to get as much Malev gear as you can so you don't have to be farming and stuff when the season ends. Try to get a team going now, though, and make sure that they're committed to playing!
Soooooo, you wanna run some 2's or 3's tonight???

With 5.2 not due for 6-8 weeks, i think i can get at least 3-4 more pieces of Malev before the patch hits.

I would love to put together a 10's team, i can probably get 3-5 guys or gals, you have a group?

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