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Im buying a new temp computer and was wondering how well these computers would run wow

And would the second computer run wow smoothly on low settings?
First one, terrible. It probably wouldnt even boot up due to the GPU. Change the GPU to a semi-decent one and you should be able to play on low-mid settings.

Second one even worse. Low spec and a terrible GPU.
I checked the required specs on the wow page and it looked like it would run
I got wow to run on min with 40 FPS with specs way worse than all but option 3 (another AMD dual-core) with a $30 graphics card. It had only 2 gigs of pc3200 ddr1.

Basically, all options on the table would be fantastic if you add $100 for a GPU. They won't run on the highest settings beautifully (put maybe a $200 GPU in there for that), but they'll certainly let you raid easily on medium.

Check, or for graphics card prices.
Either of the systems would play wow just fine if you added a video card. Something with low power consumption such as:

You wouldn't need to be concerned with power supply with a card like the above. It just plugs into the motherboard and power is supplied by your PCI-E slot.

Those cards can be had for like $90 US
would run wow just fine with a new GPU
the FX 4100 is around the same power as a
i5-2390T @ 2.70GHz_________ 4,059
AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core______ 4,045

The second one you might have some issues if in LFR or 25 man situation its the lowest of the 2 core atholon 2's . It is above the recomended processor by a ways buy it most likely would not survive the next exspension
He is in new zealand by the looks fof it and there prices are insane even if you figure in the exchange rate.
Northernlite would that PC you posted run wow in rbg arena just pvp stuff?
02/01/2013 12:58 PMPosted by Forhashy
Northernlite would that PC you posted run wow in rbg arena just pvp stuff?

It would need a video card but other then that yea. Its the top one on your list. It would also at a later date if you were so inclined you could put a FX 6300 in it.
This is not a bad little card for the money its 135 NZ

  • • Galaxy GF GTX 560 SMART Edition
    • PCI-E 2.0
    • 1536MB
    • GDDR5
    • 192-bit
    • 736/3828MHz
    • D-Sub, DVI, HDMI
    • Fan
    • Microsoft DX11 Support
    • NVIDIA PhysX technology
    • 3D Vision Ready
    • CUDA, NVIDIA SLI Technology
    • Microsoft Windows 7 Support
    • DirectCompute Support
    • OpenCL Support
    • Dual-link DVI Support
    • HDMI 1.4a Support
    • Dual-Link HDCP Capable
    • NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology
  • this computer

    wit this video card
    this computer

    wit this video card

    Unless I'm mistaken that's like a 8-9 year old video card. I don't think thats going to do it for you.
    Remember one thing..

    There is a difference between would run it.


    Running it decent and playable.

    If it just runs it, that could be 2 fps.. Who would want to play on that? You maybe able to quest and no further than that.. No city life.

    I actually think world of warcraft system requirements are off. Some maybe an exception if it's a crappy video card with a high clock quad core.
    Again, for wow to run on OP's first system, it would need a solid gpu. Even then i wouldnt expect amazing fps and it will definitley lag in pvp/raids with addons.

    For the second, It barely meets min specs and again, has no discernible GPU.

    Those in this thread that are saying the second option would run well have no clue what they are talking about. At all.

    If you had a choice of the two, and ONLY those two, i would go for the first. But you NEED to get a new GPU.
    this computer

    wit this video card

    Unless I'm mistaken that's like a 8-9 year old video card. I don't think thats going to do it for you.

    That card will not run wow. The very minuim you would want is a GT 450 at the minium. The card listed will not even play wow
    Just as a reference when planning to replace the previous graphics card..,3107-7.html

    Find the graphics card model/number then go at least 3 tiers above to get a decent upgrade otherwise it will feel like buying the same graphics card...

    Note: If your graphics card isn't listed on here then it is likely the graphic card is considered "legacy" and you should upgrade... also please know if your PSU/Motherboard/Chasis/etc. can handle the upgrade as this is a common error when hardware doesn't work....

    I would like to remind you when "touching" hardware, you should be wearing some kind of anti-static wrist-band (anti-static mat is optional)... one little shock (even if you don't feel the discharge) will fry that piece of hardware... also if you ever plan on like re-selling that replaced hardware then you should put it in a anti-static bag (I was devastated when I got my GTX 680 that it wasn't in one but luckily it still functions)

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