[A] Raven Hill Brewing Company is recruiting

Wyrmrest Accord
Raven Hill Brewing Co. is a rank 25 Alliance guild on Wyrmrest Accord, still new, and still developing. Our goal is to be a guild that has many flavours of activities, but strives for excellence in any fields we participate in.

In my old age, I wanted to steer the guild away from the serious end-game grinds and even more serious RP themes. With that in mind, RHBC is based more on light themes, the comedy of life on the road to adventure. From our rank titles, to guild tab names, to events, we try not to take anything too seriously in our day-to-day actions.

That is not to say more serious things are frowned upon! You are free to RP however you want, just keep in mind the overall goals of the group. Most of our guild-wide roleplay is comedy themed, inspired by Monty Python, Black Adder, and more. Planned events have included discovering a haunted inn, trouble identifying gnomes, and a talent show ('Telepathon') to raise gold to resurrect Old Blanchy. Mostly things revolve around a rollicking sense of adventure, and fun.

We also have weekly events such as Noggenfogger Roulette, Cow Darts, death races, dungeon survivor, along with standard heroic dungeon teams, scenarios, LFR and more.

For the technical details, we take members of all kinds, though our first ten man raid is forming quickly in likely has no more room for tanks or melee DPS (except as back-ups, or the starting pieces of a second raid).

If you would like more information on RHBC, head to our website at http://rhbc.enjin.com/

Or you can contact me directly in game!
Our Guild is full of friendly people, don't be afraid to whisper any of us in-game. We would all be glad to help you through joining the website, and also answer any questions you may have about the guild.
Updated with less vague details.
We don't bite.. usually!
Bump cuz we're amazing!
This is what you get, Maroon 5.
Looking for anyone who loves great RP!
Come share a brew with us!
We also like cookies too!
We are cool dudes.
We're looking for members to round out our raid team and we're always hangin' around Mumble to chat/do stuff.
We're still looking for more people! Highly active with a bunch of guild events/activities going on each week all with super cool people!

RP and PvE mostly and large amounts of both.

Check out rhbc.enjin.com for more information and/or apply.
Up you go!
At the moment we are looking (specifically) for a level 90 DPS (preferably ranged) with a healing offspec to be the tenth person on our casual raid roster (but, if possible, not a shaman since we're going to have a fight over tokens if we add more).

So I guess that means we're looking for a druid or shadowpriest. Gear doesn't matter, we'll help you with that. Just be 90 and have hands.

This person should want to DPS but have a love for healing as well (because you never know).

On the non-raiding side, we're always looking for enthusiastic players and RPers to come and show us how its done.

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