491 BM Hunter LF Progression Guild

491 BM Hunter
- 6/6 MV Exp (Exp. on HM Elegon, no kill though)
- 6/6 HoF Exp
- 2/4 ToES Exp (Exp. on Tsulong/Sha of Fear, no kills though)
- 8/8HM DS exp in current content.

WoL has not been working for me so heres a screenshot of recount, this was a NM HoF Empress Kill, This was at 489ilvl.


LF Guild wanting to push HMs and is already in them or planning to start. Dont want a elitist raid leader who screams his !@# off.

Times I can raid vary to best ones for me are:
Would like raid times of anywhere from 7-11pm on Sun-Thurs and 5pm-2am on Friday/Sat

Add my battletag if interested Myth#1924 or contact me in game or through this forum.
mylzh.net, not as progressed but eh, you'll like the site xD
Just transfered still looking!
We are a guild that has been around since Nax was current content in WotLK. We have had a lot of players, stop playing the game or take extended breaks.

We are looking to rebuild for 5.2 and get our top 20 status back

We are looking for the following.


Druid or Monk Heals (DPS O/S)


DK, Lock, Hunter


DK, Paly, Monk (DPS O/S)

We would prefer someone who is the same progression as us or close to and item level 480+ looking for players who are willing to work on progression, and get into HM, we just need a few geared knowledgeable with good raid awareness.

We raid Tues, Wed, Sun from 915pm-12:00am est.

If you are interested please /who unconquered and look for myself, Bloody or Bheliom for more information

We provide, flasks, feasts, and repairs once you earn your core spot.

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