H <Dracarys> LFM Raiders for 25 Man. 9/16.

Bleeding Hollow
<Dracarys> is level 25 guild, fresh to bleeding hollow as of several months ago. Within this time, we've established a solid foundation within the Bleeding Hollow population of members. We are currently residing at 390+ members with a large active population. We are striving for a more focused, serious, committed, progression driven raiding environment.

We are seeking various core spots for our 25 Man raiding team. Also open to the idea of absorbing a guild that is currently struggling for members. Inquire with me.

Our progress is currently: 9/16 ( 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF, 1/4 ToES - Elite kill)

Our WoW Progress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/bleeding-hollow/Dracarys

475 ilevel minimum as we prepare for 5.2

Our current needs are 5:

-Ranged DPS
-Melee DPS
-Healers (Disc Priest, RShaman) - HIGH DEMAND!
-Tank spots are currently filled.

Our raid times are:

Thursday: 9:00 ST - 11:30 ST
Sunday: 9:00 ST – 11:30 ST

(If the raid requires a third date for progression. We may also change the raids to Thursday / Sundays if it accommodates the raid group. Subject to change upon what is the best fit for the raid group)

Saturdays are often reserved for mount, achievement and various other types of activities, but not mandatory. We are focusing on progression, while immersing ourselves with the rest of the guild for various other activities. We believe in a drama-free guild and have no issues removing individuals who operate with such a mindset. We try to cultivate a helpful and friendly community while being progression driven. We will not, however, be a server first / realm first guild. We are a casual hardcore raiding guild with some PvP interest.

Visit us at: Dracarys.enjin.com to know more about our guild. To submit an informal application, please visit our Recruitment tab at Dracarys.enjin.com/recruitment. For in game contact, please whisper: Ammonex, Biguglydk, Nonk, Prae or Vaeltaja or any online member and we'd be happy to answer any questions

My Battletag: Ammonex#1298
Bump. A few healers and a few DPS short of having a consistent and dedicated group. We are raiding on Thursday, 2-7-2013.
02/05/2013 02:50 PMPosted by Ammonex
Bump. A few healers and a few DPS short of having a consistent and dedicated group. We are raiding on Thursday, 2-5-2013.


If so, how'd it go?
We did not raid Tuesday as some of our raiders have school run late that day. We are considering moving away from Tuesday as a raid day.
I'll add a correction on the schooling thing and add that we tend to have a bit of an older crowd of 25+ attending night school and such. I attend, but it is online - so my schedule is a bit more free'd up. Scheduling has been difficult, as we have an older crowd, they tend to have lives that we are attempting to shape a consistent raiding schedule around. This server has talent, but they're all in talented guilds. Not much left as far as unguilded players go, unless we were to absorb a smaller guild with a good player-base.
Bumpy and edit.
Bump & updates.
Bump & Raid time updates.

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