Lvl 50 with 12k hps?

Is this possible? I just did WSG and a warrior had 12k hps, just seems really high to me.
Yeah for sure it is. Look at my character at 54. This is being a hunter not even trying for stamina besides my trinkets. If I tried for stamina I could easily be around 8k.
Decent chance you somehow ran into Thirkfifty, or somebody in his guild.
It's a level 50 raiding guild.
It's possible. You can get a huge chunk of stamina from trinkets. Check out the Sonic Booster, which gnomes can use. Also, I think warriors get a boost to stamina in defensive stance.
Yep that was him. Why a level 50 raiding guild?
To make the old lvl 60 raids an actual challenge. was a neat little idea they were tracking the progress of the guild on twink info for a while
Hey! I remember killing you! Was fun, hope you liked it.
Hm... level 50 raiding guild. Interesting. I didnt know you could get into the lvl 60 raids at 50. I think I may have some guildies run me through a few raids for some awesome gear! Thanks for the tip, even if it wasn't originally intended as a tip.


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