[H]<Propaganda> Seeking DPS for 10 mans!

<Propaganda> is a new 10 man guild made up of a core group of friends and experienced raiders just returning to raiding. We're knowledgeable, geared, and ready to delve into the raids that Mists has to offer. We need 3 competent dps to fill out our 10 man team.

We raid: Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8 pm to 11 pm EST.

We're seeking:
- A plate DPS
- An elemental shaman
- A hunter

What we ask of you:
- Geared, (463+ please!) properly gemmed and enchanted/reforged correctly
- A solid knowledge of your class
- Some basic idea of the fights in MSV (at least!)
- Dedication and work ethic
- A sense of humor and a desire to have fun with an awesome group of people

As we are just reintroducing ourselves to raiding, we don't expect that you're perfect, World of Logs ranked, or even very experienced. We're happy to show you the ropes along the way as long as you are willing to learn them quickly and perform your role well.

If you'd like to join, are feeling a little interested, or just want to chat, please whisper Hoppip/Edamame, Bobbledobby, or Fraustin for more information. Inquiries via in-game mail can go to Hoppip.

Thanks for reading! We look forward to raiding with you!
We're still seeking a plate dps (DK would be great!), an ele shaman and a hunter. Thanks for your interest!
We're beginning our foray into raiding with our new raiding team tomorrow evening, 8 to 11 pm PST. We are still seeking an elemental shaman for our core 10-man team! For more info, /who Propaganda and send a tell!
Propaganda is now 6/6 MSV in our first week out! We're beginning HoF and H MSV next week - if you are a plate dps or an ele shaman (healy offspec preferred) searching for a new guild, consider us! Whisper Hoppip, Bobbledobby or Fraustin or mail me for more info!

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