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So It's been around a year now since i last played this game. Decided to come back (mostly because I'm bored) and see how the changes have been made. (Haven't bought MoP just leveling some Alts to 85 for the time being.

Prior to my leaving I was on a server (or still am rather) called Moon Guard. "Back in the day" it was considered the unofficial Roleplay server (though from what I remember it was also ERP city.) I was just curious if the main concentration of Roleplayers is still on Moon Guard? It..FEELS empty. But that could of course be because I'm not in the MOP map?
Moonguard is still the top rated for rp, and has the most in pop for rp. There is plenty of non erp rp. Just ignore Goldshire.
Moon Guard is a great RP server for the Alliance, despite the amount of ERP. Maybe you are just on at wrong time, because it is packed a good chunk of the time. Maybe it is diffrent on Horde side, I play Horde on WRA.
The general rule I hear is MG-Alliance, WRA-Horde
You can check out Earthen Ring's RP community at our network site:
I haven't been on Moonguard in quite a while but generally most RP servers don't really pick up until 6 server time and dies out mostly at 10 server time. Or thats what its like on the servers I'm on.
02/02/2013 11:03 AMPosted by Lucrosen
The general rule I hear is MG-Alliance, WRA-Horde

Carebear. Ho hum.
The Venture Co. has a great community, you should check us out sometime.
Every rp server has its up and downs. Also moonguard is the most populated needless to seems there are alot mor non rpers than rps on that realm sometimes
02/03/2013 04:45 PMPosted by Stonzgrinda
The general rule I hear is MG-Alliance, WRA-Horde

Carebear. Ho hum.

Agreed... What's great about being on a server where I can stare at a rotten human all day....but I can't hit him, nope nope nope....

NOTHING! That's what. RP-PvP any day for me. Ravenholdt baby!

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