Ret Survivability Lowered?

I haven't actively played my ret pally since the end of Cata, i tinkered with him a bit and got him to 87 but lost interest in favor of my dk and monk. One thing i'm noticing since i'm attempted to finish him off and get up to 90 is he feels like he's made of glass now especially compared to my monk who wears leather (Though i'm sure thats just the awesome OP nature of monks at the moment) did they change something behind the scenes to make them weaker? i'm spending most of my fights in mop right now barely surviving under 50% HP from battle to battle and thats with me using flash of light on 3 stacks of selfless healer and the occasional throw in of word of glory when life gets desperate.
I'm 90% sure i'm doing something wrong but my pally just feels....fragile now.
We are very gear dependent. Lvl 89 and early lvl 90 is going to hurt. I'd recommend you take Sacred Shield to use prepull so that you can avoid some of that damage outright. Also Divine Purpose can be ridiculously over powered while leveling. It procs pretty frequently, and your self heals won't hurt dps so bad. If you got several mobs remember to use FoL when they go down for the bonus heal off of them.

Also be sure to use a Hammer of the Righteous to apply the weakened blows debuff then switch to CS. The damage reduction is often worth it. Unless it breaks your CC. Repentance is a useful tool for keeping the pace of combat within reason, and use Hammer of Justice liberally. Divine Protection is also another wonderful ability, and we can glyph it to reduce physical damage taken as well.

In short roll your cds. If you can get your cooking up Tiger Steaks are worth using, and can make a difference.
You'll feel much weaker than you did at the end of Cataclysm because of the way stat scaling works and how much stronger MoP enemies are.

A lot of the 87-90 mobs out in the world have very nasty but avoidable attacks. Make sure you're watching out for those and avoiding them.

Don't expect to end fights at 100% health. Flash of Light heals for a lot with Supplication up, and it should be able to take care of your health between pulls. If you're in a fight with multiple enemies, use those instant Flash of Lights you get from Selfless Healer. I would usually save it for right after I killed one of them, so that with Supplication I'd be right back at full health.
Ok thanks i feel alot better after having read these posts and it gave me some ideas to help improve my survivability.
Look at my gear. I do all arenas and RBGs. Outside of bubble I'm dead meat. WoG heals for 35k, not worth the holy power. Really, I can't do a thing.
02/04/2013 02:04 PMPosted by Crono
Look at my gear. I do all arenas and RBGs. Outside of bubble I'm dead meat. WoG heals for 35k, not worth the holy power. Really, I can't do a thing.

thank god, i amnot alone....i have full epic and some upgrates but after trinket and buddle i died in a stun....from monk or a warrior in arena.

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