Should I go Arcane or Frost in random BGs?

If I follow a big group I get so much free casting time it's ridiculous, and it seems a shame to waste it on Frost when I could be doing superior damage as Arcane. Also, Frost relies on shatter, but frozen roots are broken upon any damage and in the chaos of a big battle with a lot of damage flying everywhere I can't imagine they last for long.

But then again, going solo or in small group battles (say, up to 3v3) I get owned as Arcane, since the spec performs horribly under pressure. I find the role I must play in BGs as Arcane to be very narrow... I'm pretty much forced to follow the biggest group I find everywhere. I can't do anything strategic like defend a tower or take over a tower on my own, because, as I said, solo or small group battles own an Arcane mage.

I like being towards the top of the damage meter, but I also like owning somebody 1v1. What should I do?
02/02/2013 07:28 PMPosted by Amelica
I like being towards the top of the damage meter, but I also like owning somebody 1v1. What should I do?
You should stop focusing on individual stats and focus more on helping the team win.
Go fire.
02/02/2013 07:55 PMPosted by Vellari
Go fire.

go fire. frost mages are yesterdays rogues. its a class of the month and after the next patch frost gets nerfed so get used to fire now. arcane is too slow in bgs.
Go frost/fire.
If you choose frost stack mastery
If you choose fire stack crit
But since you're choosing between arcane and frost go frost its overall better with the snares and such
My Mage has a LOT of experience with Arcane PvP.

If you can free-cast ABl then you can bring a mountain of pain upon your enemy. But, if they figure-out who you are and what you're doing they will quickly learn to focus you even before the healers.

Btw, Arcane Missiles = large glowing neon-pink arrows pointing right at YOU. Use them only if you really MUST.

For Arena, RBG and smaller BGs (10-mans and 15 mans) go Frost.
I just faced an arcane mage a few minutes ago... I absolutely wrecked him. Don't go arcane.
you should go afk
Frost is typically the best because Arcane and Fire require a lot more finesse to play well. That being said, fire can solo someone every 45 seconds no problem if you know what you're doing.
Fire is more fun to me. It's also easier to stay low profile since you can just run around the edges of max range spammin scorch.
Arcane feels right to me in bgs. I do good when the team does good. If the team is doing poorly I usually do not have a good game either. In those games where the team at least has some chance I am the one doing the most damage and kills. It's so funny too when other mages think I am easy game, I take them out so fast it gets them mad and I have to deal with them the rest of the bg because after they rez they are out looking for me. It's the top gun effect, you are the one to prove yourself worthy. I also get so many melee mad at me too, then it gets pretty dicey with all the other team gunning for you.

So if you like being top gun, attract the most attention, even more than healers, play arcane. Just be sure you can handle it.

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