Mobile armory dose not require authenticator

Mobile Bug Report

Ive had a problem with account security this weekend. I attached an authenticator thinking it would slow them down and give me time to reformat my comp.

After having my gold returned to me My account was accessed again through the mobile armory auction house and all my gold was stolen again.

I had my account locked by a gm and have reformated and re installed everything, hopefully thats the end of my problems...

Why is an authenticator code not required to use the mobile armory if you have bound one to your battlenet account? Is this something that needs attention?

I see it as a bit of a security leak.
I should add i changed all my passwords and ran multiple virus and malware scanners. I didnt just hope the authenticator would stop them on its own.
There is an authenticator prompt in the Mobile Armory when attempting to interact with the Auction House, but all other use of the app is low risk, therefore does not require the authentication prompt. There should be minimal security risk at this level of interaction.

Leviknight, you mention speaking with a GM. It's good to know you have contacted our support department regarding your compromise. However, I highly encourage you to visit our support website and read ours docs on Account Compromise, Item Restoration, Adding and Removing Authenticators, and Managing Your Account.

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