Tracking "Stampede" 4pc Bonus

Do any of you track this 30s availability of the a free ravage?

I tried using weak auras but it really doesn't work.

I'd like some visual alert when I have a free ravage waiting.

Any advice?
Umm, to my knowledge you do get a visual awareness, the button itself starts glowing....

PS. and you get a buff on your buff bar telling you its available!
I'm assuming you're talking about the pvp 4 set bonus. Like Nofaith said, your ravage button should glow. I personally use TellMeWhen addon to tell me all of my procs (Trinkets/Savage Roar duration, Ravage procs etc)
Debuff Filter is one of many addons where you can have it show buffs you specify. You can also move and adjust the size of icons, etc.
Many many addons will do this: try Icehud, Raven, or Power Auras Classic
Thanks for all the recommendations; looked into them and found a good way to track.

Cheers all.

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